10 Great Reasons to Replace Your Air Conditioner – Do It This Month and You Could Get It for FREE!

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Who doesn’t want a free Energy Star-certified, energy-efficient air conditioner right when the weather is at its hottest?

No one we know! That is why Shipton’s is sponsoring a contest and giving away TWO free air conditioners during July and August.

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If you’ve been on the fence about whether to go ahead and upgrade your air conditioning unit now or see if you can eke another year out of it, these 10 reasons may just give you the green light you’ve been seeking to go ahead and make the upgrade.

10 Great Reasons to Upgrade Your A/C

Reason #1: Get more cool for less cash

An Energy Star-certified, energy-efficient air conditioner can operate up to 20 percent more efficiently than its older peers. This translates to less wear and tear on your A/C unit, which means fewer dollars spent on maintenance and repairs, and also to lower monthly energy bills.

P.S. You will also enjoy the same perks in the winter when your heating bill costs usually spiral upwards.

Reason #2: Harness the power of a programmable thermostat

Have you ever left the house and realized your air conditioner was still going full blast, but no one was home? If so, it likely felt like you’d just up-ended your wallet over the commode and flushed. You won’t ever have to endure that feeling again with the new breed of air conditioners.

This is because new A/C units feature programmable thermostats. You can adjust the temperature to spend your energy only when you are home to enjoy it.

Reason #3: Enjoy the looks of envy on your neighbors’ faces.

’Nuff said. (Who doesn’t feel good about what they have when there’s an envious, drooling neighbor?)

Reason #4: Save the planet one cooling cycle at a time

The planet we live on isn’t getting any younger and the trees and natural resources certainly aren’t replenishing themselves any faster. So when each person does what they can to lower their personal carbon footprint, the planet gets a minute to catch its breath, and we get to enjoy how good it feels to do our part.

Reason #5: Breathe cleaner, purer, fresher indoor air

Along with greater efficiency and reduced energy drain, a new, leak-free air conditioner won’t pull the dust and allergens out of the air and send them into your home. So you will instantly begin to breathe cleaner, fresher, and purer indoor air, which will improve your health, your sleep, and your energy level.

Reason #6: Ensure consistent cooling in each room of your home

When various rooms in your home suddenly start to feel hotter or cooler than their neighbors, an older A/C unit is often to blame. There are a variety of issues that can cause uneven room temperatures.

Equipment calibration is one such issue. The older a unit gets, the harder it can be to achieve proper calibration. Leaking or clogged air ducts can be another common issue, as can a lack of insulation.

But when you replace your old A/C unit with a new energy-efficient unit that is perfectly calibrated, insulated, and leak-free, these issues disappear and you can suddenly enjoy uniform cooling in each room.

Reason #7: Free yourself from worrying about a sudden, expensive (hot, sweaty) A/C outage

Here is a simple question to answer: Which A/C unit do you think is most likely to suddenly quit working in the middle of a heat wave? Choose from: a) a new one or B) an old one.

If you chose “B,” you also just chose to give yourself the wonderful gift of peace of mind by upgrading to a new, reliable, trustworthy air conditioner that won’t fail you just as your in-laws arrive for dinner or right in the middle of a holiday weekend.

Reason #8: Stop fighting the humidity

Perhaps you have noticed lately that the humidity continues to rise inside your house. You have tried everything, but still there are new patches of mildew and mould that keep coming back. With leaky ducts, old technology, and uneven cooling comes problems with humidity as well. Uncomfortably, you can also expect to have the exact opposite problem with excessive dryness when winter arrives.

Upgrading your air conditioner is a surefire cure for summer and winter humidity woes.

Reason #9: Speak to one another without yelling while the A/C is running

An old air conditioner tends to be a noisier air conditioner. HVAC technology has come a long way over the last decade, and even more so over the last few years. Today’s A/C units are whisper-quiet.

If you have ever dreamed of having a conversation with family and friends without yelling while also staying cool and dry, a new air conditioner can certainly make that dream come true.

Reason #10: Win a free air conditioner!

What’s not to love here? We want to give you a free air conditioner and you want to receive one—it’s a total win-win! Learn more about the contest details HERE so you can get in on the action and have your chance to win during July and August!

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