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Before the winter holidays hit, we get another annual event that is much less welcome—ragweed season. Then, the moment we start to feel like we’ve recovered from hay fever, cold and flu season arrives.

By the time the winter holidays begin, we are already exhausted. Our immune system is spent and so is our tissues budget. Our nose isn’t speaking to us and we don’t blame it one bit.

While there is no way to control whether the ragweed blooms again or to keep an ill co-worker from coming into work with germs in tow, there is one thing you absolutely can do to reduce your chances of getting sick, and save you money and time this fall and winter.

You can schedule a professional air duct cleaning service. In this post, we will share our favorite 10 reasons we believe a professional air duct cleaning should be at the top of your holiday wish list this year!

Reason 1: You will save money on your energy bill

Your HVAC unit has to work extra hard to push air through a duct system that is clogged with dust, debris, and dander. Just clearing your air ducts can reduce your system’s workload by up to 40 percent, with a corresponding decrease in your monthly energy costs.

Reason 2: Your HVAC unit will work more efficiently

In the same way, when your HVAC unit is able to function as it was designed to do, there will be less wear and tear on the system, resulting in fewer repairs and a greatly decreased chance of a sudden unexpected outage.

Reason 3: You will enjoy better indoor air ventilation and circulation

Air circulation and ventilation are two key components of maintaining the purest, cleanest indoor air supply. Reduce either aspect and your indoor air will quickly become staler and more toxic. When the dust and debris that has gathered in your indoor air ducts is gone, fresh incoming air will not be polluted by trapped toxins, allowing your ventilation system to do its job of circulating fresh air through your home.

Reason 4: Your family’s allergy and asthma symptoms will decrease

If you have a young child in your household, ridding your home of any potential allergy or asthma triggers is a bigger deal than you might realize. Recent research suggests that children who do not experience asthma triggers by the age of four are unlikely to develop asthma. Keeping your home air ducts squeaky clean is a great insurance against your child ever having asthma attacks.

Reason 5: You will spend less time dusting and vacuuming

As more dust gets packed inside your air vents, more dust gets pushed out to cover your floors, carpets, and surfaces. If you have found yourself spending a lot of time dusting and vacuuming, you will be able to enjoy a refreshing end to this activity after having your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Reason 6: Any unwelcome air duct residents will be swiftly ushered out

Being a wild critter can mean enduring a rough life in the great outdoors. When the weather turns wet or cold or both, it is only natural that bugs, birds, rodents, and other outside denizens might think your air vents look like a pretty sweet little haven. An air duct cleaning can effectively convince them otherwise.

Reason 7: Allergens and debris left over from a previous owner/tenant will be gone

If you are like most homeowners, you probably wouldn’t go for a year (let alone 10 years) without sweeping your floors or vacuuming your carpets. But since the air duct system is hidden, it is easy to assume it doesn’t need cleaning or to just forget about it altogether.

But if you could get just one good look at the inside of your air ducts, you would likely be in there with every cleaning implement in your arsenal, scrubbing and sweeping away. Luckily, you can bring in a professional service to do this for you and safely remove all of that built-up dust and debris in a way that ensures it won’t get recirculate as you clean.

Reason 8: Your HVAC system filter will get a much-deserved break

You don’t want to be an air filter in an HVAC system that is operating through clogged air ducts. All the burden of responsibility falls on you, but you also get clogged far faster due to all the dust the air pushes through on its way through the air ducts. When your air ducts are clear, your air filter will last longer and do a much better job.

Reason 9: Your air will smell as clean as it is to breathe

Not surprisingly, trapped dander, dust, pollen, mould spores, mildew, and dirt can give your indoor air a less-than-pleasant odour. One of the first things many people remark upon after having their air duct system professionally cleaned is how clean their indoor air smells!

Reason 10: You can trust your indoor “lungs” again

If you can think of your HVAC system as your circulatory system, then the air ducts are your lungs. They are responsible for breathing in air and ensuring it gets to where it needs to go in the body. When your lungs are healthy and clean, your body is less likely to fall ill. In the same way, when your home’s “lungs” are healthy and clean, your family is far less likely to get ill.

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