Duct Cleaning Superpowers

Air duct cleaning sure doesn’t sound very glamorous. It’s not the kind of thing people tend to add to their bucket lists.

But when you learn about all the things an air duct cleaning can do to protect your health and home, it is easy to see how cleaning your air ducts can support you to tackle all those bucket list goals with renewed energy and zeal!

We have now entered the height of Canada’s summer season. It is hot and humid. There are allergens lining up to snag a place inside our sensitive respiratory passages!

You don’t have a lot of natural defences against airborne allergens, especially once they have taken up residence inside your air ducts, where they will continually circulate through your indoor air as your air conditioner cycles on and off.

But there is one ally that can eradicate all of those airborne toxins, giving your immune system the head start to help you enjoy the rest of Canada’s warm summer season—allergy and illness-free!

Superpower 1: Cleans out dirt and debris

In brand-new, airtight construction homes, debris may be hard-pressed to sneak inside the air duct system.

But in older homes, where airtight construction was not a priority and air ducts have begun to age, you can bet there is plenty of debris already trapped inside the ducts.

Superpower 2: Fights off mould and mildew

During certain seasons each year when humidity levels are naturally elevated, mould and mildew spores that find their way inside your air ducts will discover a welcome spot to start new colonies.

From there, these colonies can send out additional spores to colonize other areas of your home as well.

Superpower 3: Ends your dust mite infestation

Dust mites are one of the most prevalent airborne toxins in the average home. They love to hide in the carpet, couch cushions, pillows and inside your air ducts, where they feed on a lovely diet of dead skin flakes and other biological matter—and there is plenty of it trapped in your air ducts along with them!

Once they feed, they eliminate their waste, which also gets trapped inside your air ducts and then recirculated in your indoor air supply.

Superpower 4: Eradicates lingering pollen

Canada has four distinct allergy seasons. To add insult to injury, global news reports show that the Canadian allergy season is getting longer annually, meaning we have it pretty much all year.

Pollen can travel inside with you on your hair, clothes, shoes and skin. It can also come from inside your home if you keep pollen-producing houseplants or flowering bushes inside. Once it gets into your indoor air supply, some of it inevitably gets trapped inside your air ducts and pushed back out repeatedly as your HVAC system cycles on.

Superpower 5: Eliminates chronic allergies

It isn’t too much of a stretch to see how securely vacuuming out trapped dirt, dust, dust mites, pollen, mould and mildew spores could eliminate many of the chronic allergy and respiratory symptoms you experience during the year.

From headaches and trouble concentrating to runny nose, watery eyes and scratchy throat, respiratory issues can make relaxing at home difficult, to say the least!

Superpower 6: Turbocharges your air conditioner’s efficiency

Over time, your entire air duct system will inevitably become burdened with excess trapped debris (to see just how much debris can accumulate inside a neglected air duct system, watch this eye-opening video tour)!

In the same way, your HVAC unit itself can get quite dirty, especially if you’ve been a little forgetful about changing your filters regularly. The dirtier and dustier your furnace and air conditioner become, the harder they have to work to do their jobs and the more you will pay in energy.

Cleaning out your whole HVAC system, including the air ducts, can produce a measurable decrease in your monthly energy bills.

Superpower 7: Gives your indoor air quality a big boost

It nearly goes without saying that once all those trapped toxins are vacuumed out of your air ducts and your duct system is resealed, they are GONE.

You will start to breathe more easily and clearly. Your sleep will likely improve as your allergy symptoms are reduced. For anyone in your family who struggles from chronic allergies or asthma, they can look forward to improvements in their symptoms.

Best of all, you will now have a reliable refuge from the ever-worsening air quality issues our planet is facing. And that refuge will be your own home!

BONUS: Meet Air Duct Cleaning’s Trusty Sidekick, Air Purification and Filtration!

Our professional indoor air duct cleaning will reset your entire indoor air duct system, leaving it as clean and clear of toxins as the day it was installed.

But what happens once those toxins start sneaking into your indoor air supply again? Sure, it will take time for the debris to build up again inside your air ducts, and you may not notice the effects of this fresh buildup for months or even years.

But when you retrofit your HVAC system to work together with an air filtration system or an air purification system, you will never again have to worry about airborne toxins invading your indoor air!

HEPA-rated air filtration systems can trap airborne particulate matter with 99.97 percent efficiency down to the size of 0.3 microns (1/100th of a single human hair). And ultraviolet-C air purification systems will neutralize particulate matter in its tracks.

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