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Having your HVAC ductwork professionally cleaned and sanitized can have a measurable impact on your family’s health and wellness all year long.

However, you reap the full benefits of your investment in indoor air quality only when you know how to select the right service provider.

As with any type of specialized service, knowing the right questions to ask can ensure you entrust your family’s health and indoor air quality to a reputable and professional air duct cleaning company.

In this post, learn the eight most important questions to ask before choosing an indoor air duct cleaning company!

4 Reasons to Schedule Indoor Air Duct Cleaning

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are certain times when it makes sense to schedule an air duct cleaning.

1. Visible mould, mildew or debris

If you see (or smell) mould, mildew or other strange odours inside your home or workplace, and especially if you can see mould or mildew growing on, inside or around air registers and/or exhaust vents, this can indicate it may be time to schedule an indoor air duct cleaning.

If you can constantly smell musty, grassy or damp odours but can’t find a visible source, this is another reason to have your indoor air duct system inspected and possibly cleaned by a professional.

2. Recent remediation or renovation

Another smart time to consider having your indoor air ducts cleaned professionally is right after you have had any remediation for mould or mildew or after you have finished any type of major renovation or interior redesign project.

These types of projects can release quite a bit of dust, debris and (in the case of mould or mildew remediation) fungal spores into the air, which can then take up residence inside your air ducts. Cleaning and sanitizing your air ducts safeguards your family’s health and the structural integrity of your home or workplace in the future.

3. Unexplained health symptoms

If you or a family member or employee is experiencing unexplained health symptoms that seem to be linked to time spent inside your home or workplace, the culprit may be lurking inside your indoor air duct system!

Cleaning your indoor air ducts may provide a return to health when other measures have not delivered the desired results.

4. No record of prior cleaning exists

The U.S. EPA states that it can sometimes make sense to have your indoor air ductwork professionally cleaned for the simple reason that dust, dirt and debris naturally accumulate over time.

If you have recently moved to a new home or workplace and there is no record of prior indoor air duct cleaning, it can make sense to have your air ducts inspected toward scheduling a professional duct cleaning, especially if the previous owners had pets.

8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Provider

These eight questions can help ensure you choose a qualified service provider to perform your residential or commercial indoor air duct cleaning.

1. How long will the cleaning service take?

Unless your space is unusually large with complex ductwork, it typically takes less than one day to complete a professional indoor air duct cleaning. This can be scheduled hours or on weekends for commercial clients.

2. How do you know my air ducts need to be cleaned?

The first step in any professional indoor air duct cleaning should be to inspect the air duct system itself.

Here at Clean Air Solutions Hamilton, we do this by sending a tiny camera up into the air ducts to take a look!

We will show you exactly what we see inside your air ducts and then we can decide together whether or not to proceed with the cleaning service.

3. What is included in the duct cleaning service?

An indoor duct cleaning service is truly effective only if more than just the ductwork itself gets cleaned. Air registers, exhaust vents and HVAC components should also be cleaned at the same time the ductwork is cleaned.

4. How will contaminants be removed?

The phrase you want to hear here is “negative pressure.” A reputable and responsible indoor air duct cleaning contractor will use negative pressure with an industrial strength vacuum to pull contaminants out of ducts, registers and vents and into a secure waste receptacle.

This ensures that contaminants—dust, debris, fungal spores, bacteria, viral matter, pet dander, pollen, etc.—are extracted securely and safely transported away from your home or workplace without any danger that they may re-enter your indoor air supply.

5. What protections are used to avoid damage to ducts, HVAC and the space itself?

There should never be a reason to cut holes in ductwork or registers/vents to perform routine indoor air duct cleaning. In addition, you want to know that every precaution will be taken to avoid causing damage to ducts, HVAC components and your home or workplace.

6. What if my ductwork needs to be repaired?

Sometimes, during the initial duct system inspection, repair needs are identified. These can include repairing cracks or leaks, replacing sagging or degraded ducts, adding insulation and rerouting ducts.

These additional repair needs should always be discussed in advance so that you won’t be surprised with extra charges after your duct cleaning service.

7. Will any cleaning agents be used?

The U.S. EPA and the HVAC Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association advise against the use of antimicrobial chemicals for treating contaminants inside air ducts.

While there are some specific circumstances where this type of extra treatment may be warranted, it typically is not done as part of a routine preventative air duct cleaning service.

8. What service guarantees are offered?

You want to be sure your provider offers service satisfaction guarantees to protect your investment in your indoor air quality.

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