A Ductless Air Conditioner Can Cool Your Older Home

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If your home was built before the days of forced air furnaces, you may have resigned yourself to the fact that each summer you’re going to have to live through about three months of discomfort from the heat. If that describes your situation, you’re going to love ductless air conditioners.

Many older homes built before the 1940s did not use forced air furnaces for heating, so they didn’t have ducts installed when they were built. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to install central air conditioning systems without spending a fortune to run ductwork through your home.

The alternative has been to install window A/C units. These tend to be heavy, use up a lot of storage space, and create a security risk in your home.

Ductless Air Conditioners Get Around These Problems

Ductless air conditioners involve having a compressor installed outside your home, and copper lines run to a small unit (or units) in your home. Thus, no ductwork is needed.

How It Works

The lines carry coolant from the outdoor compressor to the indoor unit.

The indoor unit runs a fan that blows cool air into your living space across the ceiling.

Cool air drops down and forces warm air up, which is pulled through the indoor A/C unit so that all the air in your living space is efficiently cooled.

Any condensation collected from the warm air is circulated back outside.

You can have multiple units installed throughout your home. This allows you to cool your whole home—or you can have individually controlled climate zones.

Ductless Air Conditioners Are Versatile

These types of A/C units

  • are small and will easily fit in most living spaces
  • are energy efficient
  • are quiet
  • don’t require ductwork
  • allow you to have individualized cooling settings for each unit
  • allow you to reduce humidity as well as cool the air for additional comfort
  • are significantly cheaper than having ductwork installed for a central A/C

Get a Free Assessment to See if Ductless Air Conditioning is a Good Fit for You

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