Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Make You Money – Find Out How!

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Last year, all of Canada was shocked when a heat wave rolled right through Ontario.

With heat and humidity levels soaring in tandem, some areas experienced weather conditions meteorologists described as “feeling like 45 Celsius.”

All summer long, we were battling twin dangers: 

  1. The ever-present threat of COVID-19 
  2. The unusual hazards of heat exhaustion and heat stroke

This summer’s weather forecast predicts more of the same, with reports indicating summer 2021 will be “sweltering and stormy.”

Are you ready? Will your family be protected if this summer turns out to be like last summer? What if the weather gets even hotter and more humid? How will your youngest and eldest family members cope?

Now is definitely the time to get your air conditioner ready to pull its weight this summer. And if you do not have air conditioning at home, this is a great time to make the upgrade.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Make You Money

Air conditioner maintenance is one part peak performance optimization and one part home fire safety check. AC repair only needs to be done once per year and can potentially net you hundreds of dollars in annual energy savings.

The Financial Accountability Office of Ontario estimates that the average homeowner spends around $2,358 each year just on energy bills.

According to homeowner surveys, a full 63 percent of that amount, or around $1,485, goes directly to run the home HVAC – heating and air conditioning.

So what if scheduling your annual air conditioning preventative maintenance could trim your energy bills for the remainder of the year?

The good news here is, it can!

The Building Efficiency Initiative studies have identified a potential savings range of between five and 40 percent depending on the HVAC system’s make and model, age, condition and homeowner usage patterns.

At a five percent annual energy savings, you would be putting about $75 back into your pocket. At a 40 percent energy savings annually, that number jumps to nearly $600.

Most homeowners find that their savings fall somewhere in the mid-range from 10 to 20 percent, or somewhere between $150 and $300.

Even at a 10 percent annual energy savings, you have more than paid yourself back for the air conditioning preventative maintenance service itself. At a 20 percent savings, you have made money from scheduling your AC repair and preventative maintenance service.


Sometimes Replacing Your Air Conditioner Saves You More

EnergyStar states that the typical air conditioner is built to last around 10 years if – and this is a big if – the unit has had regular preventative maintenance done.

The typical furnace or heat pump can last up to 15 years if the same conditions hold true.

This often works out to mean you are faced with having to replace your air conditioner before your furnace is ready to be replaced.

But there can be significant efficiency gains to be had by replacing the two appliances at the same time. And efficiency gains will then translate into the exact type of energy savings you just read about in the previous section here.

Replacing a 10-year-old air conditioner with a new EnergyStar certified efficient air conditioner can easily net you a 20 percent efficiency boost.

Replacing a 15-year-old furnace can deliver a 15 percent boost in overall energy efficiency.

This is over and above the gains you will get from simply scheduling your HVAC preventative maintenance service. This is because these efficiency gains are driven by HVAC technology advances that allow your HVAC equipment to do more with less.

This works out to putting an extra $150 to $300 back in your pocket on top of the savings you will net from cleaning and servicing your system annually.

With your new HVAC system in place and under warranty, you can also wave goodbye to the continual threat of mounting AC repair bills and unexpected emergency outage costs, which many older HVAC systems readily generate.

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, upgrading to new HVAC appliances can also provide and noticeable bump in your home’s resale value.

Alternately, if your plans do not include moving, new HVAC units may net you a reduction in homeowner’s insurance premiums.

No Air Ducts? No Problem!

If you don’t have central heat in your home, you may think your only option is old school window unit air conditioners – those noisy, unsightly and somewhat unsafe relics from the HVAC museum.

If this describes you, we have great news!

The new breed of ductless HVAC systems offer all the perks of central heating and air conditioning in a low profile, slim, silent and attractive HVAC package.


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