Can Duct Cleaning Eliminate Pathogens At Their Source

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All year long, we have been on a nearly vertical learning curve trying to stay one step ahead of the pandemic.

Now, here we are back in lockdown again with the holidays just weeks away!

This isn’t an easy time, that’s for sure, but the good news is that we are getting through it. We know a lot more now about what works and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to keeping highest-risk loved ones safer.

The most recent edition of Canada’s indoor air quality improvement guidelines states that eliminating pathogens at their source is the number one way to fight back.

In other words, you can’t get sick if there are no pathogens in the air!

In this post, our CleanAir Solutions technicians talk about the role that air duct cleaning can play in achieving this vital safety measure.

What Is Duct Cleaning?

Pre-pandemic, duct cleaning was once pretty low on the list of conversational topics. Boy has that changed!

While the surge in interest is directly connected with COVID-19, duct cleaning also offers a wide array of other health benefits! At CleanAir Solutions, this is one of our favourite topics!

Duct cleaning isn’t as simple as it sounds, either. After all, it isn’t like you can just crawl inside your ducts and sweep them out. Even if that were possible, you wouldn’t want to do it. Why? Because the act of sweeping would release all those trapped toxins into your indoor air!

Duct cleaning is a highly specialized service that should only be undertaken by experienced and highly trained service providers, like your friends at CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton!

The first step is to insert a micro-camera up into the duct system to examine their condition. This step will help identify if there may be an issue with mould and will also tell us how dirty the ducts actually are.

The next step is to connect a negative pressure vacuum to the duct itself. This will securely remove all trapped toxins and pathogens with zero risk of contaminating the surrounding indoor air.

The final step is to sanitize (and deodorize, if the client wishes it) the duct network before disconnecting the vacuum.

In most spaces, all of this can be completed in less than a day.

Do you need your air ducts cleaned before winter truly sets in? Contact our qualified indoor air cleaning experts at CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton and we’ll schedule your air duct cleaning appointment.

When Should Duct Cleaning Be Done?

Duct cleaning is generally not required in brand new construction for obvious reasons – the ductwork, along with the remainder of the space, is shiny and new!

What we have found over the years of serving indoor air quality customers in the Hamilton and surrounding areas is that most homeowners have no record of ever having duct cleaning services performed.

Depending on when your current home was built, this may mean your ducts have been in continual use for anywhere from 5 – 30+ years without ever once being cleaned.Imagine for a moment if you left your carpet un-vacuumed or your counters un-dusted for 30 years. What might they look like? How might they impact the quality and breathability of your indoor air?

Ducts typically don’t get much (if any) attention because they are literally out of sight and out of mind. Many homeowners also simply do not realize that dust, dirt and other debris can get inside the ducts and accumulate over time.

Certain events can cause an increase in this accumulation. These are times when it is especially smart to schedule an air duct cleaning and sanitizing service:

What is the best time to schedule air duct cleaning?

  • After completing a home renovation.
  • After mould is found and remediated.
  • After the home has flooded or caught fire.
  • If someone in the home smokes or vapes inside regularly.
  • If anyone in the family experiences chronic respiratory distress with no other known cause.

Why Scheduling Air Duct Cleaning During a Pandemic Makes Sense

You may be wondering about the safety of scheduling air duct cleaning during this unprecedented pandemic.

Is it a good idea? Are there any risks to be aware of? How often should it be done?

The main reason to schedule indoor air duct cleaning now isn’t actually to clear out any aerosol droplets that may be lingering in your indoor air. If you were doing it primarily for this reason, you would have to have it done daily!

The main protective benefit comes from clearing out all those other pathogens, toxins and particulates that are making your immune system work extra hard to keep you healthy.

Winter is cold and flu season here in Canada and now it is pandemic season too.

It is also a time of low humidity, shorter daylight hours and lots more time spent in too-close quarters indoors breathing in secondary volatile organic compounds from fireplaces, gas stoves and furnaces, candles and other sources.

This is not the season to be breathing in the dust, dirt, insect remains, mildew, bacteria, viral matter and carcinogens that get pushed back out into your indoor air every time your furnace cycles on again.

You want your indoor air to be squeaky clean so that all your lungs have to do is extract the oxygen and send the carbon dioxide back out again. This is precisely what an indoor air duct cleaning service can accomplish.

How to Schedule Your Air Duct Cleaning With CleanAir Solutions

All you have to do is review our three popular duct cleaning packages at CleanAir Solutions and pick the one that works best for your residential and commercial indoor air needs.

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