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Lung Damage, COVID-19 and Radon: Urgent Hamilton News and What To Do

Cleanair Solutions Radon Testing

Public health officials recently released some truly alarming data. One in seven homes in the Hamilton Ontario area have dangerous indoor radon levels. Radon itself is never safe. While it is a naturally occurring chemical gas, radon exposure is also a cause of lung damage in non-smokers. If ever there was ever a season to […]

Creative Heating Ideas for the Coldest Days

Warming Ideas

Weather science has come a long way since Galileo first unveiled the thermometer in the late 16th century. But as sophisticated as today’s weather instruments have become, they are still no match for the surprises caused by the onset of climate change. One day might be relatively mild and comfortable, only to be followed by […]

Don’t Delay: Get Your Heating & Cooling Incentive Today!

Golden Savings

December 31, 2017, is the deadline to receive financial incentives for replacing outdated A/C and heating systems. Ontario provides these incentives to encourage Toronto area homeowners and small businesses to install Energy Star-certified heating and cooling appliances. The goal is an overall province-wide reduction in energy usage as well as utility bill savings, each of […]