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Breathe Easier: Two Good Reasons Why You Should Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Your lungs need clean and unpolluted air in order to perform properly and keep you healthy. Clean air means you'll reduce your chances of having to spend time with a respiratory therapist.

You deserve clean air. Be kind to yourself and your family. Here are two good reasons to call in qualified specialists to perform a thorough duct cleaning for your heating and cooling system. 

1. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your heating and cooling systems continuously work to filter and provide you with a clean air supply. In this process, dust, dander, pollen, and even chemicals are suctioned into and through the ducts. As time passes, stray particles cling to and build up inside the duct walls. 

Airborne pet fur is a good candidate for getting wedged in the vents. Once it is immobile, it builds up fungus and other germ particles. It's an open invitation to mold growth. Dust from indoor building projects can remain in the air for years; in addition, living and dead insects can be found in air ducts.

duct cleaning allergies

A small amount of the contaminates are recirculated through your home five to seven times a day. You may not be aware of contamination problems in the system, but their presence can cause concerns in family members with lowered immune systems such as:

  • respiratory congestion
  • autoimmune complications
  • environmental allergies

Continued exposure to unresolved polluted air matters have the potential to progress into serious health problems. Obstructive lung disease can be avoided with immediate action. The time to schedule a duct cleaning is before you notice health issues. 

Call in a certified HVAC professional like Clean Air Solutions to ensure that your ducts are cleaned properly. It takes only a few hours, and the ducts need to be replaced only if they are damaged. Your health matters.

2. Save Energy

Eco-friendly homeowners want to save energy costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 40 percent of heating and cooling costs are wasted. That's a lot of money down the pipes. Filters get dirty and require constant upgrades. 

Regular duct cleaning means your system doesn't have to work as hard. Less energy consumed equals more cash in your pocket. 

duct cleaning energy savings

Get a Free Quote Today

Contact Clean Air Solutions today to get a free quote on having your ducts cleaned. Regular duct cleaning benefits the health and well-being of your whole family, including your pets. Let us help ensure your healthy, cough-free future.

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