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Get Your Air Ducts Ready for Winter & Save Up to $746

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Air ducts don’t get a lot of press – either good or bad. Mostly, your ducts languish forgotten behind walls, floors or ceilings.

Yet you rely on your air ducts to do some seriously heavy lifting, especially during the often-extreme winter season.

If your air ducts don’t do their job well, your health, carbon footprint and bank balance (not necessarily in that order) will all be impacted.

In this article, we explain how you can save up to $746 just by getting your air ducts ready for the winter season.

Seal Up Your Ducts for a 20 Percent Energy Savings

According to Energy Star, taking the time to seal up your air ducts can trim up to 20 percent off of your energy use.

As long as you can access your ductwork, duct sealing itself isn’t particularly difficult work. You just need to ensure each duct is securely connected to the rest of the network so that it doesn’t leak all that expensive heat out.

Completing this task before winter arrives can be especially important during the energy-intensive winter season, when an estimated 61 percent of your annual energy bill is devoted to heating.

The average homeowner reports spending around $2,358 per year on energy. Sixty-one percent of that is $1,438. So a 20 percent energy savings represents $287 back into your pocket annually.

Insulate Your Ducts for a 10 Percent Energy Savings

Energy Star states that the combined impact of poorly sealed and under-insulated (or uninsulated) ducts can cause air losses of up to 30 percent of your HVAC output.

That is a lot of temperature-controlled air you are paying for but not benefitting from!

We already know that sealing up your ducts can keep about 20 percent of that airflow inside your ducts so it gets to its final destination. But what about the other 10 percent?

The best route to recapture that other 10 percent is to insulate your ducts. This is especially the case if you have metal ducts, since metal is not designed to act as an insulating medium on its own.

Like duct sealing, insulating your ducts is not terribly difficult to do as long as you have easy access to your duct system. All you need to do is purchase insulation and then securely wrap each duct.

Taking time to complete this task adds another $143 in average annual energy savings back into your pocket.

Clean Your Ducts for an 11 Percent Energy Savings

The National Association of Duct Cleaning Professionals (NADCA) reports that making the investment into professional air duct cleaning can trim up to 11 percent off of your annual home energy costs.

Air duct cleaning is just beginning to catch on throughout North America as concerns about indoor air quality increase.

Here at Clean Air Solutions Hamilton, we have seen inside a whole lot of air duct systems over the years. If the contents of the average air duct were spread across your kitchen counter or dinner plate, we feel sure you wouldn’t want to eat off either!

Yet it is all too easy to forget about the dust mites, dirt and debris, animal dander, pollen, bacteria, mould spores and other toxins slowly and quietly building up inside those narrow air corridors.

Over time, like a trash can that never gets emptied, air ducts can actually start to fill up with detritus to the point where it is hard to fit any air inside them!

The 11 percent energy savings quoted here comes from cleaning slightly dirty air ducts. You can expect to double those savings if your air ducts are very dirty.

The average annual energy savings you can expect to see ranges from $158 to $316.

Air Duct Maintenance Can Save Your Life This Winter (Literally)

Current estimates indicate the average person in North America comes down with about 2.5 colds annually. 

Cold and flu season is not just miserable – it can also be expensive in more ways than one. But what does all this have to do with your air ducts?

Unsealed or poorly sealed sagging, leaking, uninsulated air ducts are notorious for trapping moisture along with pathogens. This makes the average air duct quite an inviting place for mould, mildew, bacteria, fungi, microbes and viral germs to take root and replicate.

When insects or animals have managed to find a way inside your ducts, their waste matter can take health concerns to a whole new level.

The combined impact of these continually circulating micro-particulates may not actually cause a cold or the flu (although they could), but they will certainly keep your immune system busy fighting off one threat or the next.

So when your path inevitably does cross with whatever strain of the flu is going around this year, your body will be less able to fight off the pathogens.

Currently, the flu is listed as one of the top 10 leading causes of death each year in Canada. About 3,500 Canadians die from contracting flu strains annually.

Sometimes, a little timely air duct maintenance and cleaning really can end up being priceless – it might even save a life!

About Our Air Duct Cleaning Packages

Our three popular professional air duct cleaning packages are each designed to deliver maximum value for an affordable price.

Bronze level

Vacuum supply/return air ducts, deodorize and sanitize and clean all air registers.

Silver level

All bronze-level services plus clean furnace fan compartment and A/C coil.

Gold level

All bronze- and silver-level services plus 21-point furnace inspection and maintenance service.

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