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HVAC Costs Got You Down? Try This Handy Fix to Cut Costs & Improve Air Quality Too!

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ave you ever walked into a space that clearly hasn’t gotten much TLC?

Probably, you noticed the floors were dirty and the counters were dusty. Maybe the spiders had gotten busy building intricate webs in convenient corners. Perhaps there were signs of other wild visitors scattered about inside cupboards and cabinetry.

Chances are good you keep your own home or workplace in much better condition. After all, no one likes to have to work or live in a dusty, dirty space!

But there is one place in your home or office that is nearly guaranteed to look like its been abandoned: your air ducts!

While indoor air duct cleaning is becoming more well known and popular today, the great majority of our indoor air quality clients are still having this service done for the first time since they purchased their home. For many experienced homeowners, it is the first time they’ve ever had this type of service done on any home they’ve ever owned!

This high rate of first-time clients isn’t due to home maintenance negligence, by the way. It is because, in past decades, information about how toxic dust and debris build up inside a central indoor air duct system simply wasn’t made available to homeowners and business owners.

Now that we know, it is time to get to work and clean up those air ducts! When you do this, you reap all kinds of other fun rewards, including the ones we are about to share with you here.

What Is Inside Your Air Ducts?

We could have a very lively discussion about some of the intriguing things we have found while cleaning out air duct systems!

It is actually still kind of amazing how some of the items even get in there in the first place. But suffice it to say, we never know for sure what we might find when we head in to do a job.

What we can tell you with certainty is that most people’s air duct systems contain dust, dirt, debris, cobwebs, insect shedding or body parts, rodent droppings, pollen, pet dander, pet and people hair, dust mites, bacteria, fungi (mould and mildew), airborne viral matter, and residual particulate matter (tobacco smoke, wood ash, etc.).

None of these things belong inside an air duct system, but over time, as exterior exhaust vents and intake valves get breached by insects and small animals, the elements, and nature, surprising things make their way inside.

Also, for older homes in particular, one common issue we still see is the “ductopus”—an outdated, poorly routed system of air ducts that has begun to sag and leak, admitting all kinds of undesirable detritus. Here, we typically recommend both a duct sealing and insulation service along with a professional air duct cleaning.

How Does This Foreign Matter Affect Your Indoor Air?

There are two primary ways that dirty air ducts can impact your indoor air: efficiency and air quality.

Did you know that just 1/16th of an inch of dust and debris can reduce airflow by as much as 20 percent?! What this means is that your air conditioner and heating system now has to work 20 percent harder (using 20 percent more energy) just to push the air through the ducts into each room of your home.

It also means that, along with each portion of temperature-controlled air that is sent through the ducts, a small portion of the debris inside will get picked up and swept along, too, and will enter the rooms of your home or office, impacting your health with poor air quality.

You won’t feel as good, think as clearly, or be as healthy when you are breathing in airborne particulates along with your oxygen!

The dirtier your indoor air ducts get, the more you will pay for your monthly energy costs and the more likely you will be to end up in the doctor’s office with severe allergies, asthma attacks, respiratory infections, seasonal colds and flu, and other unpleasant health issues.

What Happens During an Air Duct Cleaning?

Many of our first-time indoor air duct cleaning clients are worried about being displaced from their home or office because of a lengthy remediation project. We can assure you, this will not happen!

On average, an indoor air duct cleaning takes just three or four hours (perhaps five or six hours if you have a larger, multifloor workplace or a very complex duct system). During this time, we use a special heavy-duty commercial vacuum system that ensures all removed dust and debris is vacuum sealed and safely transported off your premises.

We offer three air duct cleaning packages to suit the needs of different home and office spaces. Regardless of the package, when we are done, your air ducts will be as shiny and squeaky clean as the day they were first installed!

Many of our customers say they can actually SMELL the difference—that is how clean their indoor air becomes!

Maintaining Your Indoor Air Quality

Before we agree to do an indoor air duct cleaning for any space, we always conduct an inspection to determine if your ducts actually need to be cleaned.

For some newer spaces or for spaces with recently installed HVAC systems, this can save you the costs of a premature indoor air duct cleaning service.

Whether or not your air ducts need to be serviced right now, you can safeguard your indoor air quality by installing a HEPA filtration system or a UV air purifier that works together with your existing HVAC and air ducts. These tools keep your air fresh and pure, guaranteed!

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