Yearly Maintenance Savings

Shipton's recommends having yearly maintenance performed on your heating and cooling equipment. This maintenance can save you from costly breakdowns and uncomfortable temperatures in your home. Check out our annual plans for more savings, or book your appointment now.

Daikin Wall Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner System

Daikin ductless air conditioners are mounted indoor units with a compact outdoor unit. This setup allows for you to cool or heat a single room or many rooms with out the need for ducts to run throughout your home. This configurations allow you to easily setup cooling and heating for a specific area in your home or an area such as an addition that does not allow ductwork to be installed. There are 3 styles of ductless units to fit your cooling and heating.

Daikin Single Zone UnitsDaikin Single Zone Units

Single zone units are compact wall mount units for cooling only. Great for single rooms or house additions. Daikin offers 3 single zone models.


Daikin Multi Zone Units

Daikin Multi Zone Units

If you have a need for a more advanced indoor cooling system Daikin offers a variety of multiple zones. If you are looking for an elegant look or simple wall inset.


Daikin Ductless Heat PumpsDaikin Ductless Heat Pumps

Daikin ductless heat pumps are 2 parts. An indoor unit, either wall-mounted, floor-mounted or concealed, paired with a compact and quiet outdoor unit. Ideal for heating small spaces or new places in your home that duct work would be a hassle to install.