Do You Have an Annual HVAC Maintenance Budget? Why You Need One Now

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It is no secret that the costs of home ownership in Ontario have been steadily rising. Today, Ontario home prices are causing many first-time home buyers to delay their dreams of home ownership, making it a bucket-list goal instead of a next step in the adult order of things.

This makes perfect sense when you realize the average cost of an Ontario home in today’s market is $423,691!

For this reason, when they’re ready to purchase, most first-time home buyers don’t buy a new-construction home. They buy a fixer-upper that may come with “surprise” maintenance expenses along the way. These surprises can be really difficult to budget for in advance, especially for less experienced home owners.

One of the biggest surprise maintenance expenses is air conditioning and heating. Because of temperature extremes here, it is simply not possible to get by without air conditioning or heating during large parts of our year. So when your A/C or heater suddenly conks out, making the repair immediately isn’t optional.

Knowing this, it just makes sense to do as much as possible to plan for the possibility of major HVAC repairs as far in advance as you can. Learn what we recommend for starting your annual HVAC maintenance budget.

HVAC Preventative Inspection & Maintenance Service

Perhaps the number one strategy to prevent major unexpected repairs is simply to schedule one inspection and maintenance service call each year for your air conditioner and heating system.

Air conditioning inspection and service

We recommend scheduling your air conditioning inspection and annual service in the early spring (April or May) before the hot months roll in and you need your A/C up and running immediately.

Heating inspection and maintenance

Similarly, we recommend scheduling your heating system inspection and annual service in the early fall (September or October) before the cold season hits and you can’t afford to be without heat for even a day.

Why is this annual inspection and repair service so critical in controlling HVAC maintenance costs?

The answer boils down to preventative maintenance. You can pay a little bit now to have your HVAC system cleaned, inspected, maintained, and, as needed, repaired, and in this way, it is often possible to catch big developing problems while they are still small and very fixable.

It is easier to see why scheduling an annual air conditioner and heater inspection makes sense when we look at the cost ranges for preventative care versus major repairs:

  • Cost of annual inspection/maintenance service call (per visit): $100 to $200
  • Cost of major HVAC outage repair: $160 to $1,500+

What if you could avoid that surprise $1,500 bill later this year by investing $100 now in a simple inspection and maintenance service call? This is a smart question for any homeowner to ask!

HVAC Annual Maintenance Plans

You may be reading this blog post and nodding your head in agreement, thinking to yourself, “Yes, yes, this makes perfect sense. I must remember to do this!”

But we know how life can work. You make a mental note, and then you make several other mental notes, and then somehow your mental inbox gets hijacked by some urgent issue that crops up. Before you know it, you are sitting in your house freezing or sweltering, kicking yourself for not remembering to schedule that simple preventative HVAC inspection!

So let us take this chore off your hands. You don’t have to remember to schedule your air conditioner and heater “check up.” We will remind you!

We will also give you additional peace of mind and savings when you put your HVAC annual maintenance and inspection needs on our plate by joining one of our super-saver HVAC maintenance protection plans! These include:

  • Flat rate pricing
  • 20 percent discount on labour and parts
  • Lower or no overtime charges
  • Extra savings rewards of $20 to $50 per year

You get to choose the perks that work best for your HVAC system’s age, stage of life, and overall condition. Here is what we recommend:

Residential Energy Savings Agreement

You have a brand-new or still somewhat new air conditioner and heating system. You just need basic service—perhaps an annual safety inspection and a quick tune-up.

This awesome basic agreement costs just $8.99 per month and nets you flat-rate pricing, a 20 percent discount on repairs, zero overtime charges, and handy reminder calls to schedule your service.

Residential Advantage Savings Agreement

You have a mid-life air conditioner and heating system that is still working well but needs some occasional TLC. You may have a major repair brewing at some point down the line, but you’d like to head that off for as long as possible.

This mid-level agreement costs just $18.99 per month and you get the first $700 of repairs to each unit (so $1,400 total per year) FREE! Plus you will receive a 50 percent discount on any overtime diagnostic fees and handy reminder calls to schedule your service.

Residential Ultra Savings Agreement

You have a late-life system or a more complicated HVAC system with an unknown repair history prior to when you bought the home. You are not sure what the future has in store repairs-wise, so you’d like to build in a little wiggle room for yourself and your wallet.

This higher-level agreement costs just $24.99 per month and you get the first $1,000 of repairs to each unit (so $2,000 total per year) FREE! Plus all diagnostic overtime fees are waived and you get handy reminder calls to schedule your service.

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