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This Summer Is Duct Cleaning Season for a Reason! (Get 10% Off Yours)

There are two spring events that tend to fairly consistently get Canadians all riled up, although for very different reasons.

First, there is the traditional annual spring cottage re-opening weekend, which typically takes place in late May (although this year, restrictions due to COVID-19 have mostly squashed any plans in that direction).

Next, there is the spring allergy season. This year allergy season is more worrisome than ever because of concerns over the secondary respiratory complications brought on by the new novel coronavirus. 

If ever there was a moment to double down on everything we can possibly do to keep our indoor air clean and safe, it would be right now. This is why this summer is the perfect season to do an indoor air duct cleaning, especially if you have never done one before!

Be sure to read through to the end of this post to learn how you can get 10% off on our popular indoor air duct cleaning service.

Why Is Indoor Air Duct Cleaning Suddenly So Popular?

Air duct cleaning has only just become well publicized over the last handful of years.

This is not, as many people assume, because it is a new invention. Far from it!

Rather, air duct cleaning is getting more publicity because our indoor air is getting a lot dirtier!

A few years ago, the EPA released a shocking report showing that our indoor air is up to five times more toxic than the already-toxic air we were already worried about outdoors.

This is not a fun or easy document to read, but it is, unfortunately, quite accurate.

To further compound matters, the average Canadian reports spending as little as five minutes per day outdoors. Now, with the shelter in place issues we are facing nationwide, many of us don’t even leave our homes for days on end.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is a specialized cleaning service that can accomplish three specific and vitally important goals:

1. Removes trapped toxins from your duct system.

What kinds of trapped toxins are lurking in your ductwork?

We can tell you that we’ve seen some pretty strange things over our decades of service in the HVAC and indoor air quality industry!

We don’t exactly expect to find old comic books, bird feathers, fast food bags or missing socks in your ducts (although it has happened), but we absolutely do expect to find the following toxins:

  • Dust and dust mites
  • Dirt and debris
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Dead insects and insect waste
  • Small animal nests and waste matter
  • Volatile organic compounds from household products
  • Particulate ash from incomplete combustion (wood or gas-fired appliances)
  • Tobacco ash or residue
  • Mould or mildew

2. Deodorizes each duct and the whole network.

Duct cleaning is not the first thing most homeowners think of when they are battling a persistent odour inside their homes.

It is easy to try many different things – from so-called air “fresheners” to odour absorbers to dehumidifiers and more – only to have the smell return again and again.

What we have so often discovered is that it is only after the homeowner calls and schedules an air duct cleaning that the odour finally goes away for good. This is because that eerie, lingering scent was trapped in the air duct system!

Frequently, the smell is coming from mildew or mould spores or humidity interacting with the host of toxins we listed here earlier.

As you might imagine, it is literally impossible to eradicate this kind of odour by going anywhere else but the source, which is exactly what an indoor air duct cleaning can accomplish.

3. Sanitizes against residual toxins.

No matter how powerful the negative pressure vacuum system is that we use, there will always be some lingering residual toxins that can almost seem baked into the siding of the ducts themselves. Don’t worry! We have a way to fight those toxins too. Sanitizing is a word that means “removing.” When we sanitize the inside of your air ducts, we remove those lingering toxins that refuse to leave in any other way.

Often those toxins are microscopic in nature – very tiny PM2.5 particulates or mould and mildew spores that simply need a little extra motivation to relinquish their hold.

Sanitizing is the finishing touch that will leave your air ducts as squeaky clean and new on the inside as they were the day they were installed.

How Long Does An Indoor Air Duct Cleaning Service Take?

The typical indoor air duct cleaning service takes less than half a day for the standard residence or small office.

Our technicians will arrive wearing full PPE and are happy to arrange for contact-less options for your safety and convenience. We are staggering appointments to allow for extra time to clean, sanitize and disinfect in between each appointment.

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Bronze Package

With this package, our technician will clean, deodorize and sanitize your air ducts of all contamination.

Silver Package

With this package, our technician will provide everything in the Bronze Package plus cleaning the A/C coil and fan compartment.

Gold Package

With this package, our technician will provide everything in the Bronze and Silver Packages plus a 21-point furnace inspection and maintenance.

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