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Public health officials recently released some truly alarming data. One in seven homes in the Hamilton Ontario area have dangerous indoor radon levels.

Radon itself is never safe. While it is a naturally occurring chemical gas, radon exposure is also a cause of lung damage in non-smokers.

If ever there was ever a season to do our best to avoid anything that might damage our lungs, it would be right now during this already worrisome COVID-19 winter season.

We simply don’t need to add any more fuel to the fire (so to speak) of health crises still raging across Canada.

In this blog post, our clean indoor air specialists at CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton share our best guidance on how to test for radon and how to take further action to stay safe (and COVID-19 free) this winter. 

Keep reading for useful information on how to test air quality in your home during COVID-19!

What Is Radon and How Do You Get Exposed?

Radon is quite similar to carbon monoxide in that it is odourless and colourless.

However, unlike carbon monoxide, radon exposure typically doesn’t kill you quickly. It makes you sick over time.

This is because radon is radioactive.

And while radiation exposure can cause all kinds of cancers, radon exposure can cause lung cancer specifically.

Why Is Radon So Dangerous?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is emitted from decaying uranium in the soil and rocks. It rises up from the ground in the form of tiny gaseous particles you inhale without even realizing it.

These tiny particles damage the inner cells of your lungs and, over time, can cause lung cancer.

The esteemed U.S. Duke Cancer Center recently hosted an event explaining how risk for COVID-19 may increase in the presence of two key toxins: tobacco and radon.

However, there is still far too little information being shared with the general public about how radon and COVID-19 co-exposure may lead to irreparable harm. Your clean air experts at CleanAir Solutions Hamilton have all the important information you need in regards to your indoor air quality and the health of your family.

How to Find Out How Much Radon Is In Your Home

There is one bright spot in all this bad news.

Just as with carbon monoxide, you can test levels and install a home monitoring and alarm system to detect spikes in radon levels.

It is important to test and monitor your home for radon because levels can increase over time. And because you can’t see it or smell it, monitoring is the only way you will know if levels increase.

The radon test will give you an initial benchmark level that lets you know if you need to take remediation action right away or if you can afford to wait and monitor.

Contact our qualified technicians at CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton for more information on how to check the air quality in your home for radon levels this winter.

If your radon test results are worrisome, you can move on to remediation. However, if your radon test results are within normal limits, you can decide whether to implement preventative measures or simply install a monitoring alarm to keep an eye on things. 

Should You Test for Radon Gas in Your Home or Workplace?

Choosing whether or not to test for radon gas inside your home is a personal decision. It is also a decision that can impact others, including your loved ones and workers.

Winter is peak season for radon off-gassing. And recent public health studies confirm that at least one-quarter of all Hamilton Ontario area homes have risky levels of radon present in their air.

Given the additional threat of COVID-19, a disease which also targets the lungs, CleanAir Solutions recommends that our customers proceed with home or workplace radon testing immediately. Do you need your indoor air quality tested this winter? Call our qualified team of clean air experts at CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton and we’ll get the job done for you! 

How to Test for Radon Gas in Your Home or Workplace

You have two main options to test your home or workplace for radon levels: home testing kits and professional radon testing.

Home Radon Testing Kit

A home radon testing kit approach requires you to buy a home test kit locally or online and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

It can take up to five months to complete the test and wait for the laboratory to analyze the information and return your results, however.

Professional Radon Testing

A much faster way to get your results is to hire a professional radon testing service. Look for a company that has been certified to offer indoor air quality testing. Like CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton!

Professional radon testing involves a simple 72-hour test that will quickly return the results you need.

Did you know that CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton is certified to offer professional grade indoor air quality testing?

Our silent, low-profile, 72-hour indoor air quality test delivers comprehensive results about the quality of your indoor air – and not just for radon levels!

You will also learn about other potential harmful contaminants and have unlimited access to our Indoor Air Quality Specialists to discuss monitoring and remediation options.

Our CleanAir Solutions team can assist you to select, install and learn to use a radon monitoring and alarm system, if desired.

Start Out the New Year With Squeaky Clean Indoor Air

Winter is the longest, coldest, darkest season of our Canadian year. We spend more time cooped up indoors. We breathe warm, dry air and often enjoy festive holiday fireplace gatherings.

This is the stuff holidays – and compromised lungs – are made of.

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