Extend the Life of Your Furnace for Less with These Tips

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If you think enduring Canada’s long, cold winters is hard, imagine if you were a furnace!

Like a true team player, your furnace works non-stop—while you are awake and while you are asleep, on weekends and national holidays. And if the temperatures really plunge, it kicks into high gear to make sure you stay cozy and warm inside.

So as warmer temperatures approach at last, your furnace has earned itself a summer break.

But before you give it time off for good behavior, use these tips to ensure it will be primed and ready to go to work for you again when colder weather returns.

Your 3 Goals for Furnace Maintenance

As the proud owner of a working furnace, you want to be sure you keep it that way and get your money’s worth out of your investment!    

Spring is the ideal time to make achieving these 3 goals your priority:

Goal 1: Comfort

By comfort, we mean ensuring your furnace is able to do the job it was designed to do as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Regular maintenance can make the difference between a furnace prone to major breakdowns and one that keeps on ticking without a hitch.

Tending to minor maintenance and repair needs while they are still minor also ensures your furnace will push the most warm air while pulling the least power, saving you money—and saving the planet.

Goal 2: Safety

SGI Canada states that 24,000 home fires occur each year in Canada.

Out of those 24,000 fires, 377 people die annually. And here’s the real heartbreak in all this: 1 out of every 100 residential fires with fatalities could have been prevented.

An unattended or poorly maintained furnace can become a fire starter in short order. After a long winter season of working daily, your furnace will begin to show signs of wear and tear. Fixing these issues now ensures they will not be forgotten and neglected as life gets busier over the summer season.

Goal 3: Savings

The more faithfully you adhere to a regular schedule of furnace inspections, maintenance, and minor repairs, the less money you will have to shell out and the less inconvenience you will have to endure from furnace outages.

According to Home Advisor, a furnace repair service call can cost the average homeowner anywhere from $60 to $900. The best way to make sure you stay on the cheap end of that spectrum is to schedule regular maintenance—once to twice annually depending on the age and overall condition of your furnace.

Angie’s List states that the average furnace has at least 50 moving parts, each of which have the potential to wear out and stop working. If you have to pay for repairs, it is far more desirable to pay for a minor fix such as cleaning a dirty igniter than paying to have that same grime-encrusted igniter replaced.

The difference in cost can be substantial. A mildly dirty flame sensor or igniter will be cleaned at no extra charge during a routine furnace inspection and maintenance appointment. Contrast this with the replacement cost and you are looking at anywhere from $300 to $500 or more!

You will definitely save money by taking care of the small stuff regularly.

Save Money on Routine Furnace Maintenance in 3 Ways

Right now at Shipton’s, we are doing our utmost to encourage our clients to be proactive about furnace inspections so they can keep their furnace in ship-shape condition for as little financial investment as possible.

We have also staged our savings offers to reward early-bird callers with the biggest savings on preventative furnace maintenance.

Typically, our standard preventative furnace inspection and maintenance service costs $129. But during the month of May, we want to keep some of that hard-earned cash in your pocket by offering you these three awesome discount deals!

TOTALLY Awesome Plan

Call to schedule your furnace appointment by May 1, and we will deduct $25.80 from the cost of your service. You pay just $103.20.

Very Awesome Plan

Call to schedule your furnace appointment by May 15, and we will deduct $19.35 from the cost of your service. You pay just $109.65.

Awesome Plan

Call to schedule your furnace appointment by May 31, and we will deduct $12.90 from the cost of your service. You pay just $116.10.

You can also fill out this handy ONLINE FORM to get the deal of your choice.

What You Get During Our Preventative Furnace Maintenance Service

Our furnace inspection and preventative maintenance service includes each of the following:

  • Thorough inspection of your furnace
  • Thorough cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and buildup
  • Lubrication of moving components as needed
  • Recommendations for timely or preventative repairs
  • Pilot and gas pressure evaluation (as applicable)
  • Filter replacement
  • Test of the thermostat to verify temperature accuracy
  • Test of the igniter and flame sensor
  • Test run to be sure the furnace cycles on and off quickly and quietly

Our technicians are trained to service any make and model of furnace.

Shipton’s Service Guarantees

If you are scheduling with us for the first time, we want you to know about our customer service guarantees:

Customer Respect Guarantee

Your service technician will be prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and polite.

Property Protection Guarantee

We will always leave your space as clean as we found it.

Remember, CONTACT US between May 1 and May 31 to get the biggest savings on preventative furnace maintenance!

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