Fall Is Nearly Here: Is Your Furnace Ready?

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Wow! Are you as surprised as we are that fall is almost here again? It truly does seem like the summer season has flown by and now here we are, gearing up for the cold to return!

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know we are big proponents of preventative maintenance for your HVAC equipment. We get it—honestly, after nearly a century of servicing our clients’ residential and commercial HVAC appliances, we know just how rapidly a small repair issue can escalate into a major outage.

If you ever do find yourself facing an unexpected A/C or heating outage, our 24/7 emergency maintenance service will definitely come in handy!

But we always aim to prevent you ever having to make that panicked call by coming by once a year to give your A/C and heater their annual once-over, making those essential small tweaks and adjustments that can keep your utility bills low, extend the useful life of your appliances and keep you cool and toasty warm as you desire all year long!

In this post, we review our top tips for fall furnace preventative maintenance. Learn recommendations for what to do and when to do it to prepare your heating system for the winter to come!

Annual Preventative Maintenance Your Furnace Needs

If you haven’t thought about your furnace all summer long, you are not alone! That is what we are here for: to stay on top of your appliances’ annual preventative maintenance needs so you don’t have to remember to do it.

For our new clients in particular, we always like to go over what a standard preventative maintenance furnace check-up and service call covers so you know what to expect when your highly trained technician arrives.

Safety check

As applicable, this includes checking your electrical connections and your gas pilot light to be sure each is securely connected and operating normally. Any rust or corrosion on the heat exchanger or wiring will be cleaned or the wiring will be replaced for safety.

We also check for the presence of carbon monoxide emissions, which can indicate a leak is present somewhere we can’t see from the outside looking in.

And we check for the presence of other combustion gases and analyze levels to ensure they are in compliance with unit specifications.

Clean and dust

We will clean the exterior and interior of your furnace, which includes removing debris and blockages at all relevant registers and vents, cleaning out the blower fan and motor and access entry points, removing and cleaning the condensate drain and trap, and cleaning or replacing filters.

Seals and lubrication

We will check vent and duct seals, the blower door seal and hoses to be sure seals are tight-fitting and undamaged.

We will also lubricate any moving parts that need reapplication for smooth operation.

Minor repairs

If we spot minor repair issues with your furnace appliance or the connecting ductwork, we will alert you and discuss options for making repairs.

Why We Advise Against the DIY Approach to Furnace Maintenance

It is true that some of these things—like dusting and cleaning, for example—you can do yourself.

But here, we advise against trying to maintain your own furnace appliance unless you have training and background with HVAC equipment.

We don’t say this just because HVAC is our business, but also because we truly believe it takes at least an annual expert once-over to keep your high-value, long-term investment performing at the level you paid for.

This is also why we offer a number of tiered protection plans to help you get the most service at the most economical level for the age and condition of your heating equipment.

Shipton’s Three-Tier HVAC Maintenance Protection Plans

Our awesome HVAC maintenance protection plans have developed based on client feedback over the years.

We have three different tiers of clients and each tier has different HVAC preventative maintenance needs.

Tier 1: New HVAC

For example, if you have a new or fairly new air conditioning and heating system, you are likely still under warranty and will need only basic maintenance sufficient to keep your warranty valid. For you, we have developed our Energy Savings Protection Plan.

Tier 2: Mid-stage HVAC

If your air conditioning and heating system is in the middle years of its useful life, your maintenance needs may occasionally extend beyond basic prevention into repair. For you, our Advantage Savings Protection Plan is a perfect fit.

Tier 3: Late-life HVAC

For our clients with older HVAC appliances, especially those inherited from a previous owner along with a home purchase, our Ultra Savings Protection Plan offers extra protection against larger repair expenses and the possibility of outages as your system ages.

For Everyone: Savings Plans Rewards Club

Our Savings Plans Rewards Club is a feature of each of our three tiered protection plans. You earn extra rewards as part of plan enrollment, which you can use toward Shipton’s products or accessories, equipment upgrades and post-diagnostic repairs.

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Here at Shipton’s Heating & Cooling, we have nearly 100 years under our belt working in the HVAC industry. And we aren’t just operating a business here in the Hamilton and surrounding areas—we are your neighbors!

We strive to provide top dollar value for the preventative maintenance service we offer because our ultimate goal is to keep you safe and warm all winter long.

Contact us online or give us a call at 905-549-4616 to learn more and schedule your annual preventative maintenance service appointment.

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