Bundle Up And Save!

BUNDLE UP AND SAVE On Your Furnace and A/C Combo Unit This Winter!


The chilly, winter months of February are here and here to stay! To say we’re ready to experience some heat again is an understatement! Which is why Shipton’s Heating and Cooling in Hamilton is offering you a way to keep you and your family warm this winter while also preparing for those hot days of summer that lie ahead!

BUNDLE UP AND SAVE $1200 on a qualifying furnace and AC combo package.

*Offer expires February 28th, 2021.
*Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.
*Discount applied to qualifying equipment only.

What Are The Benefits Of A Furnace And A/C Combo Unit?

Many of our Shipton’s Heating and Cooling customers struggle with the same question - should we fix the heating unit or the cooling unit first?

Thankfully, you don’t have to decide between the two! We provide our customers with a way to install both a furnace and air conditioner unit at the same time.

The best part? Installing two units at once means that you only have to pay for one installation fee. And, the lifespan of the entire unit will be parallel!

You can save both time and money, while also improving the overall comfort of your home year-round.

Benefits Of A Furnace And A/C Combo Unit

  • Increased Energy Efficiency 

  • Improved Cost Efficiency 

  • Improved Time Efficiency 

  • Improved Performance 

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint 

  • Improved Air Quality 

  • One Service Agreement 

How To Know If You Need A New Furnace or Air Conditioner System

Knowing when your furnace or air conditioner needs to be serviced or replaced can be difficult - we can help!

Furnace Warning Signs

  • Cold Air 
  • Yellow Pilot Light Is Turned On 
  • Increased Amounts Of Dust In Your Home 
  • Strange Noises 
  • Moisture Build Up In Your Home 
  •  Water Leakage In Your Home 
  • Old Age (how old IS your furnace currently?)


Air Conditioner Warning Signs

  • Warm Air 
  • High Humidity Levels 
  • Strange Smells 
  • Strange Noises 
  • Rising Energy Bills 
  • Uneven Cooling Throughout Your Home 
  • Old Age (how long has it been since the unit was initially installed?)

If your furnace or air conditioner is acting up in one of the above ways, it might be time to schedule an installation appointment with our HVAC team!

If you aren’t sure whether your furnace or air conditioner is really broken, contact our team for a FREE, no obligation quote! We can help assess whether your HVAC system needs to be repaired or entirely replaced.

We speak from experience when we say that it’s better to check your furnace and A/C systems now, rather than later - as a broken HVAC system could lead to health risks for you and your family.

  • Decreased Respiratory Health 
  • Increased Risk Of Bacterial Infections and/or Migraines 
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 
  • Dry Skin 


Take Advantage Of Our BUNDLE AND SAVE Deal While It Lasts!

Let’s stay warm this winter and keep prepping for that summer heat to come again! Installing a combo furnace and air conditioning unit will help you do both!

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