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How would you like to get a brand-new air conditioner, totally FREE?

Out with the old, in with the new, just like that! Suddenly you have the coolest, quietest, most efficient A/C in town.

This isn’t an offer that comes along every day, and in this post we are going to tell you how you can get a new A/C unit absolutely free!

We are also going to tell you how you can get money back by applying for energy efficiency upgrade rebates!

Perhaps this post is reaching you at the perfect moment, when you are dreading the return of warm weather and the clanking, grinding, and grumbling that goes on when you set the thermostat to “cool.”

Read on to learn how to claim your free air conditioner!

How Is Your Furnace Feeling These Days?

We are rounding the home stretch for the coldest season of the Canadian year. Within the next month or two, temperatures will slowly begin turning our winter frowns upside down.

By early May, your mind may naturally turn to thoughts of re-opening your seasonal cottage, rolling your RV out of storage, and even wriggling back into your swimsuit.

You will also be gearing up to switch your thermostat from “warm” to “cool” for the start of warmer temperatures.

But for the meantime, your furnace still has another mile or 10 to go before it can go down for its long summer siesta. Is it feeling the heat? Are you noticing signs that your furnace is chomping up extra energy without any noticeable increase in efficiency or warmth?

This might be the year to replace your tired, worn-out furnace. And if this is the case, making the decision to upgrade your heating system right now may be the smartest one you make this year, because you can get a brand-new free air conditioner along with your new furnace!

What’s That? A FREE A/C?

Shipton’s has been living and working in the Hamilton community and surrounding areas for nearly a century. When it comes to all matters heating, cooling, and air quality, we don’t joke around!

This month, when you purchase a brand-new furnace (Shipton’s models GMVM97 or GMVC96) and you also purchase air-conditioning installation, you will get a FREE 14 SEER Shipton’s air conditioner!

But the free A/C unit is not all you get with this offer. You also get a 10-year parts and labour warranty for both your new furnace and your new air conditioner!

Why are we making this offer now?

Well, we know this is a time of transition from using your furnace to using your air conditioner. For some, this is when you are anxiously trying to determine if one or both of these major appliances can hold out for one more year.

We want to ease that stress by encouraging you to upgrade both your furnace and your air conditioner, and throwing in a free 14 SEER air conditioner when you do so!

What Does 14 SEER Mean?

So what is SEER, precisely? SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

If you calculate kilometers per gallon of gas mileage for your car, you are already familiar with the concept of SEER ratings.

SEER tells you how much cool, on average, you get for each kilowatt of energy you purchase to run your A/C.

In theory, the higher the SEER rating, the less you will pay for each kilowatt of energy per cool output. This is because a higher SEER rating denotes a more efficient air conditioner, one that is able to get the full “mileage” out of every last kilowatt of energy you put into it.

The SEER rating can help you calculate in advance how much it will cost to run your air conditioner (for more on that topic and to get the formula, check out this helpful post).

So what is a “good” SEER rating? The best way to answer this is to look at your current A/C unit’s SEER rating. Most older units (5 years or older) have SEER ratings in the range of 8 to 10.

Each single digit increase in an air conditioner’s SEER rating translates to an approximate 5 percent increase in energy efficiency.

So let’s say that your current A/C unit is a 10 SEER. By upgrading to a 14 SEER air conditioner, you can expect to reap a minimum of 20 percent increase in energy efficiency. This then equates to a 20 percent decrease in energy costs to run your new air conditioner.

Get Your BOGO A/C Deal Now! Don’t Wait!

Buy a furnace, get a free 14 SEER air conditioner—this deal sounds too good to be true, but it is definitely yours for a limited time only!

You have until March 31, 2018, to claim your FREE 14 SEER air conditioner. Just complete this easy online form or give us a call at 905-549-4616 to start the process of upgrading your heating and cooling system.

Refer a Friend & Earn Cash!

Perhaps you don’t need to upgrade your furnace or air conditioner right now, but you know someone who does.

If you refer a new customer to Shipton’s and they use us for any type of paid service, you will get a cheque for $25.

If the new customer you refer to us purchases a furnace or an air conditioner, we will send you a cheque for $100!

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