Get Big Benefits and Savings from a Furnace AC Combo Unit!

Learn about the Benefits and Savings Opportunities of installing a Furnace AC Combo Unit with Shipton's in Hamilton, Ontario.

Everyone loves indoor temperature control – warm air in winter and cool air in summer. However, in our nearly 100 years of installing HVAC units across Hamilton and surrounding areas, we have yet to meet anyone who loves to pay for it.

In other words, buying a new furnace or air conditioner isn’t typically regarded as a “feel good” purchase. It is not like splurging on two tickets to a beach resort or even treating yourself to a latte.

You can’t show off your new AC unit at your next family Zoom or virtual office happy hour. And when you have guests over, no one wants a tour of your attic or a photo tour of your new ductwork!

But there is one way to generate the warm fuzzies from purchasing a new HVAC system. And that way is to opt for a money, time and energy saving Furnace AC Combo unit from Shipton’s in Hamilton, Ontario!

Major Cost Saving Benefits of Choosing a Furnace AC Combo Unit

There is a reason why BOGO (Buy One Get One) offers are crowd pleasers every time. Everyone loves freebies!

When you choose a furnace AC combo rather than buying your air conditioner and your furnace separately at different times, you basically win the BOGO lottery.

1. You pay one installation cost instead of two separate fees.

Industry trends indicate the typical cost of installing a new furnace or a new air conditioning unit in Canada right now is between $500 and $1,000.

Would you rather pay that fee once or twice?

If you just thought “once, of course!”, you already understand the instant appeal of choosing a furnace AC combo system rather than purchasing a furnace and air conditioner separately.

Saving $500 to $1,000 always feels great!

2. You benefit from joint financing for lower rates and better terms.

When you apply for financing to upgrade your HVAC system, would you prefer one hit to your credit report or two hits?

The more hits or credit score requests you have, the lower your credit score is likely to be.

When you choose to upgrade your air conditioner and furnace at the same time by choosing a Furnace AC Combo unit, the financing covers both and generates only one inquiry to your credit report.

3. You are covered under one preventative maintenance plan and warranty.

Juggling preventative AC or furnace maintenance and minor HVAC repairs for two different major appliances can become complicated all too quickly. If one unit fails, it can feel tempting to hold on to the one that is still working and just upgrade the older of the two.

But this has some potentially serious warranty and installation consequences. The manufacturers of the new unit may refuse to honour your warranty if the two components are not designed to work together.

Even worse, you may find yourself hard-pressed to locate a reputable HVAC contractor who is willing to install a new system alongside an older incompatible system.

Not only can it be tricky to retrofit two different units to work together, it can represent a potential home safety risk as well.

In contrast, when you upgrade to an all in one Furnace AC Combo unit, the whole system is integrated from the inside out – no extra installation work is required!

4. You enjoy twice the savings from lower energy costs and increased efficiency.

Even if your older HVAC units have been flawlessly maintained (not common) and are delivering peak performance, you still won’t be able to achieve the same level of energy and fuel efficiency, indoor air quality and quiet operation that the new units can deliver.Technology has just changed so much!

While there can be an initial sticker shock when you choose to make the upgrade to a Furnace AC Combo system, the energy savings you will realize on the back end can more than make up for it.

The new systems can simply do more with much less. If either your air conditioner or your furnace are more than 10 years old, it is time to start seriously thinking about an upgrade.

5. You reap twice the peace of mind with a whole new integrated HVAC system.

Finally, the older your furnace or air conditioner system is, the greater the risk for carbon monoxide leaks, inconvenient major outages or a dreaded home fire.

Every year people lose their homes and their lives to malfunctioning, poorly maintained or simply worn out air conditioners or furnace systems.

All the preventative AC and furnace maintenance in the world cannot replace the peace-of-mind of knowing you have a brand new state of the art HVAC system that has been properly installed by trusted experts in the field.

6. Lower homeowners insurance premiums and increased home resale value.

Last but not least, did you know that upgrading to a brand new Furnace AC Combo can net you additional savings from two surprising places?

Many insurers are willing to offer a premium discount to homeowners who have new HVAC units because this represents a reduced risk of home fires.

And if you have any near future plans to put your home on the market, nothing says “great buy” like a home with a shiny new heating and air conditioning system in place!


Through May 31, 2021, get a FREE professional indoor air duct cleaning with purchase and installation of any eligible Furnace AC Combo system.

Improve your indoor air quality as you lower your energy bills, and reduce your carbon footprint too!

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