Get Your Fall Furnace Tune-Up For Less Now!

Furnace Tune

Furnace maintenance is sort of a dental check-up – you know you need to get it done, but you don’t always want to do it.

Sure, there are plenty of sound health and financial reasons to make that preventative check-up appointment for your furnace now. But you are very busy. Your furnace seems to be working fine.

Of course, the best reason to schedule your fall furnace tune-up is the same as the best reason to visit your family dentist for that check-up – you want to keep things fine!

Your annual furnace safety inspection and maintenance tune-up is the best way to spot small routine problems before they turn into big expensive outages.

Here at Shipton’s, we have been maintaining home and business furnace systems in and around the Hamilton area for nearly a century. We know fall is hectic but we also know furnace maintenance is vital.

So here is a savings incentive to encourage you to book your appointment, save some of your hard-earned cash and get peace of mind all winter!

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