Help! I Need to Choose a New Furnace Now!

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Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans, right? (Thanks, John Lennon.)

For example, let’s say you were planning to upgrade your furnace system next year. Next year is the best time, considering your budget and your calendar.

But then one day, a clank, bump, shriek, and rattle later, suddenly it seems the right time to replace your furnace is NOW.

So stressful! So inconvenient! So expensive! How on earth are you supposed to drop everything to go research new furnace models and prices?!

Plus, since your existing furnace just stopped working, you are freezing and that makes research even harder to focus on. Is there any way to make such a time-consuming, expensive, and difficult endeavor faster, cheaper, and simpler?

Yes! There is! Read on to learn what you need to know to choose a new furnace now.

What to Do Right Away

The very first thing you need to do is call our 24/7 emergency repair hotline.

Shipton’s technicians will respond to your call and come straight away to look at your broken furnace. Nights, weekends, holidays, anytime—we will be waiting for your call.

In winter, temperatures are such that you don’t want to be without heat for even one day. Whether we can fix it or need to install a new furnace for you, the faster you call, the faster you and your loved ones will be warm and safe again.

Next, Narrow Down Your Options

On our Shipton’s Heating page, we outline the main types of heating systems. There are gas furnaces, propane furnaces, and oil furnaces. There are heating boilers and heat pumps. There are radiant heating systems and gas fireplaces.

Unless you have been planning to switch to a new heating system, the most expedient option to get you warm quickly is to stick with the same type of system and same power source that you already have.

You also want to look at system capacity. In older homes, it is not uncommon to find heating systems that are improperly sized for the space being heated. Your Shipton’s technician can tell you what the right heating system capacity is to efficiently heat your space.

The next thing to look at is budget. Few people faced with a sudden major appliance outage are prepared to pony up the full price in cash. There are two main options: financing or renting. Which one is better for you can depend on your income, credit rating, how long you plan to stay in that space, and other equally personal factors.

So after this quick review, you now know three vital facts you didn’t know before:

  1. What type of heating system you are shopping for (for example, gas furnace).
  2. What capacity system you need to efficiently heat your space.
  3. What route to take to get your new furnace installed fast: renting or financing.

To Bundle or Not to Bundle: That Is the Next Question

Right now, Shipton’s is offering a special promotion to save up to $3,000 when you purchase a new HVAC (air conditioner and heater) and installation.

This is called “bundling.” There is a wrong time and a right time to bundle.

Let’s say it is your furnace that has just failed. But you just bought a brand-new air conditioner last year. This is clearly the wrong time to bundle!

The right time to bundle is when one component has failed (or is close to failing) and the other component is older. So again, let’s say your furnace has just failed. You definitely need a new furnace. But your air conditioner is also coming up on its eighth birthday.

According to Energy Star, any air conditioner ages 10 years or older should be replaced. An air conditioner that has been in use for a decade can’t hope to match the energy efficiency of today’s high efficiency units.

Theoretically, you will spend more over the long term in both energy costs and increasingly major repairs to keep that older A/C in service than you will to invest in a new unit and reap the energy savings and lower maintenance expense it comes with.

This is definitely the right moment to upgrade your furnace and your air conditioner through “bundling.”

Don’t Forget About Government Rebates

The government of Ontario offers a number of heating and cooling incentives and rebates you may be eligible for. These offers can significantly reduce the financial impact of upgrading your furnace or air conditioner (or bundling both together in a single upgrade).

The first step to become eligible to receive these incentives is to select a contractor who participates in this rebate program (HINT: Shipton’s participates).

Your contractor will help you select a new furnace, install it for you, and submit your rebate application. This action will generate an application form to be sent to you. Once you get the form, confirm the details and attach your proof of purchase. Within 12 weeks, your rebate cheque will arrive.

Can It Really Be That Easy?

There is a saying that all stress, whether it is “good” stress or “bad” stress, is still stress. And having to suddenly spring for a brand-new furnace is not generally considered to be “good” stress.

But there is definitely a way to make the bad stress of an unexpected major purchase less stressful and less financially challenging.

With a little help from Shipton’s, you CAN find a way to afford to stay warm after a sudden heater outage.

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And don’t wait to schedule your mid-winter furnace inspection and maintenance. This simple, affordable service could make the difference between a repair and an outage! Give us a call at 905-549-4616.

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