How Duct Cleaning Could Save You Big on Health Expenses This Spring

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If spring is your favorite season of the year, you are in very good company! What’s not to love about the newfound warmth, cheerful sun, chirping birds, fluttering butterflies…oh, and the flowering plants, each of which is emitting its own irritating brand of pollen into the air you are breathing!

This is why so many allergy sufferers spend the beautiful spring months indoors, hoping against hope that breathing filtered indoor air will save them from the coughing, hacking, wheezing, sneezing misery they’ve experienced every spring since they can remember.

Unfortunately, for most people, retreating indoors doesn’t seem to solve the problem. It could solve the problem, but in most homes and workplaces, the indoor air duct system responsible for conducting air throughout the building is too contaminated with those same allergens to ease their pain.

In this post, learn how duct cleaning could save you the misery of both allergies and drug expenses this spring!

What Causes Allergies, Even Indoors?

You may be wondering why you seem to still have allergy symptoms even if you spend nearly all of your time indoors. This is such a good question, and for most adults today, it is also the reality.

You probably wake up, get in your car, go to work, get back in your car, and come home. Most of the day you are breathing air that is supposed to be filtered and purified. Yet you are still miserable, hiding tissues in your desk drawers and tucking them into your purse or pockets for emergencies.

The reason you are still having allergy symptoms is twofold:

  1. You are still being exposed to allergens, which trigger your immune system response (i.e., all the symptoms you hate).
  2. Your exposure is coming from the air duct system rather than the outside air!

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is perhaps the most overlooked part of a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan. It is very important to maintain the integrity of your air conditioning unit itself. Having a unit that is fully functional, with working parts in good condition and proper lubrication as well as sufficient power to cool the space, and a clean and debris-free area, is a natural recipe for lower energy bills and higher efficiency.

But it is the air duct system, not your HVAC, that is responsible for conveying and distributing cool, pure indoor air to all the rooms in your home or workplace (and the same holds true for your vehicle).

Many homeowners are diligent about cleaning, maintaining, repairing, and upgrading their HVAC units, but then they forget all about the corresponding air duct system. So the air ducts are continually accumulating more dust, debris, pollen, dander, toxins, and other allergens all along the inside walls of the ducts themselves.

What Happens When the Air Ducts Get Clogged

Simply put, clogged air ducts cause all kinds of problems. For starters, they are fire hazards. All of the accumulated dust and debris acts like fat deposits in your arteries, eventually closing off the air ducts completely so air has to fight to get through. More house fires annually are started because of HVAC maintenance issues than for any other reason, plus many deaths annually that could have been prevented.

Even before the situation gets that extreme, your energy bills will start to rise. You’ll notice that you’re paying more to keep your home or workplace at the same cool temperature as you did the year before.

You may also notice that your HVAC unit cycles more frequently, clearly working harder to do the same job. This is all because your air ducts have become increasingly clogged by packed-in dust and debris.

But most of all, you’ll notice that you are sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and hacking indoors just like you do when you are outdoors. No longer is your workplace, vehicle, or home a safe haven from allergens. Now it too has become part of the problem.

How Air Duct Cleaning Works

Shipton’s will never do an air duct cleaning without first surveying your air ducts to find out just how serious the problem is. To start, we feed a small camera into your air ducts so you can see exactly how clogged the system may or may not be (you can watch a short video about the process here).

The Rotovision Cleaning System provides you with a clear visual of the clogs and where the worst clogs are located. The brush spins inside the air ducts to thoroughly scrub the interiors of the ducts, filters, and vents. At the same time, the vacuum system sucks all debris and allergens out into a secure waste container that is removed from the premises when the team concludes the cleaning process.

When the process is completed, you will be able to see your clean duct system through the small camera. The most immediate impact will be that you’ll notice your allergy symptoms are greatly reduced when you are indoors. You may also notice that your air actually smells cleaner and that you sleep more restfully at night after the cleaning service.

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