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You would think after multiple decades of improving home indoor air quality for our customers, we would have some kind of standard offer that works equally well for everyone.

Here’s why we don’t!

Yes, there are some air quality concerns that are pretty universal to us all.

But inside each home, there are also air quality issues unique to that specific home, homeowner and family.

For example, maybe you have pets, but your neighbours don’t. Maybe your neighbours smoke, but you don’t. Maybe two doors down from you, the homeowner is dealing with radon gas from the rock mass underneath their foundation.

Every home and every situation is different.

This is why we take a very individualized approach to designing each customer’s indoor air quality toolkit. In this blog post, learn about the top-notch tools our CleanAir Solutions technicians can offer to address your unique home indoor air quality needs and concerns.

Meet the Best of the Best Indoor Air Quality Products

There are five major categories of home indoor air quality products that we offer at CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton, Ontario. 

  1. Indoor Air Purification
  2. Indoor Air Filtration
  3. Indoor Air Ventilation
  4. Indoor Air Humidification
  5. HVAC air duct cleaning

Each of the above categories has something different to contribute to indoor air quality improvements.

Read on to learn about each tool, what it does and how it works to address your unique indoor air quality concerns.

What an Air Purifier Does and How It Works

The Air purifier market has suddenly gone from being virtually unknown to sitting in the limelight. Why? This is because of the global pandemic, of course!

Air purification is the acknowledged industry leader in fighting back against airborne, viral droplets.

The world’s best air purifier is our sun. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are able to break down liquid or gaseous organic matter and destroy harmful agents like viral, bacterial and fungal particles.

Today’s cutting edge indoor air purifier harnesses a synthetic version of the sun’s most powerful UV light band – UV-C.

As air moves across the air purifier, any harmful organic matter is rendered harmless.Pretty neat system, right?

If you have a central (ducted) HVAC system, our air purifier technicians can add an ultraviolet air purifier to your existing system. It treats the air before it enters your ducts in order to neutralize potent liquid or gaseous toxins. There is also an add-on you can install that treats your air coils with UV light.

If you have a non-ducted HVAC system, a portable air purifier does the same thing for smaller spaces.

What Air Filtration Does and How It Works

Air filtration and air purification are frequently confused. They are not the same, but rather, are complementary systems.

Here is an example!

 Let’s say someone in your family is recovering from COVID, or has already recovered from COVID.

The virus spreads by liquid droplets that enter the airstream through a sneeze or cough. But then the droplets find a tiny airborne particle and land on top of it.

This is why we often recommend using both an air purifier and air filtration system for our customers who are concerned about purifying their indoor air from SARS-CoV-2. Together, these two products can trap any potentially toxic solids, gases and liquids.

A HEPA filter, which is the gold standard for filtration today, is able to trap solid particles as small as 1/100th the width of a single human hair. 

What is a HEPA Filter? A Hepa air filter system is designed to remove 99.97% of all airborne particles in your home – dramatically improving the air quality. 

NOTE: If you are not sure what is in your indoor air that may be causing your health or allergy symptoms, we highly recommend starting with a home air quality test. Our technicians can help you understand how to test air quality at home and recommend the best fix for your specific needs.

This silent yet comprehensive 72-hour test will be able to identify the airborne toxins in your indoor air. Our CleanAir Solutions technicians can then design a system to address each of the toxins effectively.

What Ventilation Does and How It Works

Like an air purifier or air filtration system, ventilation and circulation often get mixed up. But they are not the same. Instead, they work in complementary ways.

Air ventilation is the process by which new, fresh air is drawn into a space while old, stale air is pushed back out.

Air circulation, in contrast, is the process by which that new fresh air is distributed evenly throughout your home.

Ventilation happens by opening a window or door to the outside, running your HVAC fan or exhaust fan or using a heat recovery ventilator (hrv system).

Circulation happens with some help from floor or ceiling fans and air ducts.

Without proper ventilation, circulation can only distribute the same toxic, stale air that is already trapped inside your space.

What Humidification Does and How It Works

Humidification is another important tool for managing indoor air quality. The amount of humidification you need will vary based on a number of factors.

The recommended humidity range for indoors is now 40 to 60 percent because research has confirmed that slightly higher indoor humidity can help reduce the threat of COVID-19 transmission.

Humidification can also be important to keep your respiratory passages and mucous membranes hydrated and functional to support better immune health.

A whole house humidifier is what we recommend for distributing humidity evenly throughout your home. However, portable units are also available for smaller or non-ducted spaces.

What HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Does and How It Works

Air duct cleaning is perhaps the number one most overlooked indoor air quality tool.

For our customers who have ducted HVAC systems, we always recommend starting with superior air duct cleaning services before moving on to install air quality equipment.

How does duct cleaning work? Learn more about it from our Ontario duct cleaning experts at CleanAir Solutions! We offer Duct cleaning in Burlington, Brantford, Hamilton and surrounding areas. 


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