How to Ensure Your HVAC is Ready for Spring and Summer

Melting Branches

This winter, we’ve seen temperatures swing more than 10 degrees each way overnight.

According to the most recent extended weather forecast, Hamilton and the surrounding areas will likely see a mixture of cloudy, chilly, and damp weather the first half of the spring season—but that will be mixed, of course, with milder, sunny days when the furnace could be off.

In other words, it is shaping up to be the kind of spring that will have you constantly fiddling with the thermostat from now into April.

In this post, we share some pre-spring maintenance tips that will have your heater still humming happily as colder weather continues and your A/C ready for the summer’s heat.

Early Spring Furnace Maintenance

We recommend scheduling an end-of-season professional inspection and maintenance appointment for your HVAC in late March/early April so you’re ready for summer and you don’t get hit with any unpleasant repair surprises when fall rolls around later this year. Doing it now also will ensure your furnace keeps working to maximum efficiency until spring rolls in for real.

4 Furnace Maintenance Tips to Do Now

These four tips will ensure your heater is working as efficiently and cleanly as it can during this final cold snap.

  1. Clean all around the exterior of the unit, ensuring any accumulated dirt or debris is removed.
  2. Take a good, close listen to the unit, noticing if you hear any odd or unusual sounds.
  3. Change out the air filter (or clean and replace the reusable filter).
  4. Inspect and clean your air registers and exhaust vents.

Early Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

With the weather forecast for the next three to four weeks looking like spring is on-again, off-again, there may be warmer days when your mind strays to thoughts of powering up your air conditioner.

But unless you’ve performed some early spring A/C maintenance, you may just discover your air conditioning unit isn’t as keen to go back to work as you were hoping it would be.

Winter can be hard on an A/C unit, especially if the unit (or a portion of it) is housed outside.

For this reason, we recommend scheduling an early spring professional inspection and maintenance appointment of the A/C—you can even do your furnace and A/C unit in the same service call if you wish.

When your technician arrives, the first thing on the agenda is a thorough exterior inspection and cleaning. If any of the components are damaged or missing, as can sometimes happen with falling tree limbs or heavy snowfall, these will be replaced or repaired right away.

We will check all the power connections, lubricate and repair or replace minor parts (with your permission) as needed, and take your A/C unit for a test drive to be sure all is in good working order.

This way, the moment that first warm day arrives, you can turn on your A/C without a moment’s worry about unpleasant surprises.

4 A/C Maintenance Tips to Do Now

These four tips will ensure your air conditioner is ready to put its best foot forward the moment the thermometer reading heads skyward.

  1. Remove any debris, tree limbs, leaf litter, or other debris from around the air conditioner.
  2. Change out the air filter (or clean and replace the reusable air filter).
  3. Clean and inspect your air registers and exhaust vents.
  4. Turn the unit on and listen closely for any odd or unusual sounds.

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If you have never had your indoor air ducts cleaned before (and most homeowners have not), this is the best way to reduce your risk of spring colds and allergies as the seasons do their annual changing-of-the-guard.

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