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The last few days – the last few hours, even – have been hectic and anxious ones for everyone here in Ontario and around the nation.

No matter how prepared we all strive to be, isn’t it true we still don’t feel prepared enough?

The truth is, it is simply impossible to really prepare for something like this coronavirus outbreak. It is a disaster of global proportions that has taken on a life of its own.

But there is something we can do – besides staying home. 

In this post, we share our top tips to keep your immune system strong and your home environment healthy as we each do our part to fight back against COVID-19. We also share what to expect if you need HVAC, plumbing or electrical service at your home or workplace.

Boost Your Immune System While at Home

These tips are science-supported and will absolutely help your immune system to do its best work fighting off coronavirus and other germs.

1. Lower your stress levels

This is a tough one – no doubt about it. But as the New York Times recently reported, more stress equals more health risk.

The link between stress and disease has been confirmed through multiple studies, including a 20-year study that linked elevated stress to increased risk of catching the common cold. While the common cold is not the same as COVID-19, the symptoms can be similar. And a strong immune response is essential to fighting both.

Ideas to lower your stress: take big deep breaths, breathe in your favorite essential oils, try a meditation app like Headspace or Insight Timer, FaceTime a friend, play an addictive app game or card game, exercise, go for a walk with your dog, watch or read something that makes you laugh.

2. Improve your sleep hygiene

The sleep-disease link is as clear and confirmed as is the stress-disease link. Less sleep equals more risk.

The less sleep and the less high-quality sleep you get, the harder your immune system will have to work to fight off germs, heal wounds and keep you healthy. So this is definitely the right time to up your sleep hygiene game!

Ideas to improve your sleep quality: Move screens out of the bedroom. Install blue-light-free bulbs in your bedroom light fixtures. Keep your bedroom cool. Take a warm shower just before bed to help your body switch into sleep mode faster. Avoid alcohol and caffeine six hours before bed. Set a routine so you go to bed at the same time each night.

3. Up your intake of Vitamin D

While it is still cold outside, it can be hard to get sufficient intake of vitamin D from just sunlight alone. Many people need supplements to make sure their body gets enough. This is very important, because lower vitamin D levels equals increased risk.

Scientists are still learning about the link between vitamin D and respiratory illnesses. But they know there is one.

In one research study, older adults who were given higher doses of vitamin D reported a 40 percent reduction in respiratory infections over a 12-month period. Another comprehensive review of available research showed a clear link between adequate vitamin D intake and prevention of acute respiratory symptoms for adults.

Ideas to increase your vitamin D intake: Add eggs, salmon, tuna and mushrooms to your diet. Sit in front of a UV lamp (the same kind used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder will work here). Go outside on sunny days and just bask for a few minutes while taking deep breaths. Take a supplement to add consistent vitamin D to your diet daily.

SAFETY TIP: Of course, always check with your doctor first before adding any new supplement to your health routine, especially if you are already taking required medicines or supplements to manage any health condition. This is particularly important when working with UV light or deciding whether to take more vitamin supplements.

4. Follow the news in moderation

Finally, this is not the time to avoid breaking news, but do try to avoid binge-watching coronavirus updates to keep your personal stress levels manageable.

Furnace Conked Out? Hot Water MIA? Fireplace on the Fritz? We Are Here

HVAC, plumbing and electricity are considered essential services here in Ontario. This allows us to continue to offer our 24/7 emergency repair service as well as to continue with essential maintenance and upkeep for your home and workplace systems.

What can you expect if you need to schedule service with us during this time?

Our prompt, professional technicians will be following extra safety precautions to protect you and themselves. Hand-shaking is discouraged for this reason and our staff will maintain the mandated 2 metres of social distancing as much as possible.

You may see our technicians using hand sanitizer, wearing gloves or wearing masks. This does not mean they are ill! By making our visits as no-contact as possible, we will be striving to provide the safest service for all.

We ask you to please feel free to take all necessary precautions as well if you need to schedule HVAC, hot water or other service or repairs. Masks, gloves, sanitizer and social distancing are all welcome. If you would like to arrange a no-contact payment method, we are happy to help.

Get in Touch

Our staff will be keeping normal business hours and will be reachable by phone or online. If you need to schedule service, maintenance, minor or emergency repairs or installations, we will be here to serve you.

Contact us online or give us a call at 905-549-4616.

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