HVAC Tune-Up Tips and a FREE Air Conditioner Offer

Shipton's Heating and Cooling in Hamilton provides Furnace and Air Conditioner Warning Signs.

It is safe to say no one here in Ontario, Canada is thinking about air conditioner just yet.

At least for the next few weeks, we are still neck-deep in ice, snow alerts and running our furnaces at full blast.

But the day is coming – and not too many weeks from now – when the weather will finally take a turn for the warmer.

Last summer served up a record heat wave that is likely to repeat itself as climate change continues.

In this post, our Shipton’s Heating and Cooling Technicians highlight warning signs your HVAC system needs attention. Be sure to read through to the end to find out how to get a FREE air conditioner – on the house!

Is Your Furnace or Air Conditioner About to Call It Quits?

When you are out driving, you may see a road sign that warns you of a sharp curve, an incline or an icy bridge up ahead.

Wouldn’t it be great if your furnace and air conditioner could let you know when they are heading for a breakdown?

Actually, the majority of heating and air conditioning systems will start showing signs of internal wear and tear, age or lack of proper maintenance. It is just that most homeowners don’t know how to read those signs.

But that isn’t even the most interesting part. The most interesting part is that the warning signs don’t differ that much between a furnace and an air conditioner.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

Warning Signs of HVAC Failure and Tune-Up Tips to Avert Disaster

As we are about to demonstrate, the warning signs of furnace and air conditioner failure are very similar. But unless you know what you are seeing (and hearing), you might easily miss the warning signs.

1. Lack Of Warm Or Cool Air

A furnace only has one job to do: to warm up your indoor air so you stay toasty warm. Similarly, your air conditioner only wears one hat: to cool your home…and you.

If either isn’t happening at all or as reliably as you would prefer, you may have a furnace repair  or air conditioner replacement issue on your hands.

2. Build-up Of Humidity

Inefficient operation or an improperly sized HVAC system can cause a chronic issue with indoor humidity.

If you have to run your furnace or air conditioner constantly to keep indoor humidity bearable, it is time to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment. 

3. Strange Odours

Judging by the over-abundance of air deodorizers and fresheners on the market today, lots of people have problems with strange or unpleasant odours inside their homes and workplaces today.

But these odours should not be ignored or masked. They are trying to tell you something.

From a toxic buildup of volatile organic compounds to an overgrowth of mould and mildew, you want to pay attention and track down the source of the strange smells.

4. Even Stranger Sounds

The day may yet come when a truly “whisper quiet” HVAC system is invented. Until then, even the quietest and most efficient furnace and air conditioner units will still emit at least a little white noise as they cycle on and off.

But these very normal – and minimal – operational noises are not to be confused with the types of sudden and sharp sounds that make you wonder if your son’s garage band is now holding practice in your attic.

Clangs, bangs, wheezes, knocks, rumbles, whines and screeches are all warning signals that something is very amiss inside your HVAC system. It is best to power down and call for repairs when this occurs.

5. Increasing Repair Bills

The typical well-maintained air conditioner unit will last about 10 years. The furnace equivalent can easily last 15 years.

But over time and with consistent use, minor and major parts will begin to degrade and break down. This is the right time to compare rising furnace repair costs against a downpayment on a new energy efficient HVAC system.

6. Increasing Energy Bills

Increasing energy bills do not always correlate with normal wear, tear, or even age. Sometimes something as simple as a clogged air filter can be the culprit.

But if nothing you try seems to bring those monthly bills down and energy costs in your area have not noticeably increased, it could simply be a sign that it is time to upgrade to a new energy-efficient HVAC system.

7. Uneven Air Flow

Like increasing energy costs, uneven air flow is not always a symptom of a major outage or replacement time.

Sometimes the issue isn’t with your HVAC unit at all! 

All too often, when Shipton’s Heating and Cooling is called out to investigate uneven air flow, we find a problem with the duct system instead!

8. Chronic Unexplained Health Symptoms

This is perhaps the most overlooked of all the warning signs your HVAC system can throw out.

It is simply too easy to convince yourself that your chronic headache, mental fog, nausea, flu symptoms or allergies are being caused by cold and flu season, pollen, pet hair or anything other than an HVAC system that hasn’t been cleaned and serviced.

If your HVAC system is exhibiting any of these eight warning signs, the next step is to schedule a tune-up.

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