Investing In a Reliable HVAC Care Plan Means 24/7/365 Comfort!

Hamilton homeowner choosing an HVAC maintenance plan.

Home maintenance is something all homeowners are familiar with. Throughout the year, we make bulleted lists of each repair, care and upkeep task our home needs. From tightening the leaky kitchen faucet to replacing shingles on the roof after a storm!

Homeowners inspect every angle of their homes on a regular basis. But how many of us can say the same for our HVAC systems?

Furnaces, air conditioners and boilers also need regular care. This helps ensure they are in good working order for the season ahead. And it also improves their energy efficiencies and overall system performance.

Our Shipton’s V.I.P. Maintenance Plans also help prevent emergency repairs and replacements – the unexpected and costly surprises that come up at the worst of times.

Is HVAC maintenance on your honey-do list?

Invest in total home comfort and convenience by becoming a V.I.P. Maintenance Plan member this year!

What Is An HVAC Maintenance Plan?

An HVAC maintenance plan is an agreement between you and your HVAC service provider.

In this agreement, your HVAC systems receive annual or semi-annual tune-ups and professional cleaning.

This ensures system safety, efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

8 Top Benefits Of An HVAC Maintenance Plan

There are numerous benefits to investing in a preventative maintenance plan. Let’s explore the top 8 below!


One of the greatest benefits of an HVAC maintenance plan is convenience.

Besides prescheduled preventive tune-ups and cleaning, these plans offer 24/7 emergency services. And as a V.I.P. member, you cut to the front of the line!

Prescheduled Tune-ups and Cleanings

Let’s face it, how many of those honey-do items have you lost, forgotten about or have just “never got around to”?

That’s why your HVAC service team doesn’t wait for you to call them. They call you!

Your technician preschedules your tune-ups and cleanings in advance. So your equipment is always in top condition. 

24/7 Emergency Service

Emergencies happen. Equipment breaks. But when you’re on a V.I.P. plan, you get priority. As a V.I.P. Member, you are our highest priority. So your job will be scheduled ahead of others – for both routine maintenance and service calls. 

Peace of Mind

Waking up without heat is a frigid surprise you DO NOT want to experience – especially during a typical cold Canadian winter.

Not only would you have to worry about your pipes freezing, but your home could become too dangerous for your family to live in!

An HVAC maintenance plan helps prevent furnace outages from happening. And with top priority emergency services, they also ensure you are first in line for repairs if something does happen.

Energy Efficiency

Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your system is as energy efficient as possible.

If your system must fend for itself, years of dirt and poor care can accumulate – causing your system to work extra hard and use more energy.

But with regular, preventative upkeep, you can ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency at all times – without wasting energy.

Cost Savings

Besides saving on energy costs, these plans also offer other cost-saving benefits, including fewer replacements, discounts and zero overtime chargers!

Expert HVAC technicians catch problems before they become costly replacement issues. And most HVAC care plans offer discounts on repairs and/or replacement parts too!

For example, Shipton’s HVAC maintenance packages offer a 20% discount on repairs, including labour and parts. And we ensure no costly surprises! Our highly trained and certified technicians provide a quote BEFORE they complete the repair. And we never charge by the hour.

Plus, there are zero overtime charges if our techs have to stay longer than expected to get you back up and running!

System Performance

Regularly maintaining your system helps improve its overall performance.

During your maintenance visit, your service technician will inspect, clean, tighten, test and monitor your HVAC equipment. This ensures each part is working correctly and efficiently – maintaining the durability of your entire system.

Equipment Longevity

And the more durable your equipment is, the longer it lasts!

Your HVAC system runs day and night – keeping you warm all winter and cool all summer. It’s no wonder they tire out now and again!

With a maintenance plan, a thorough technician pays close attention to the fine details of your HVAC system. And with this careful, routine care, they can help it to survive and even outlive its average lifespan!

Our HVAC Protection Plans At Shipton’s Heating and Cooling

Our V.I.P member plans at Shipton’s ensure your heating and cooling systems operate at peak performance and efficiency – 365 days a year!

Not sure which plan to choose?

We break down the membership benefits of our two plans below.

Residential Energy Savings V.I.P. Membership

This plan is perfect if you’re looking for basic and worry-free furnace and air conditioner maintenance.

Become a V.I.P. Member


  • Semi-Annual or Annual Precision Tune-Up and Cleaning
  • 24/7 Priority Emergency Service
  • Discount on Future Equipment Installations
  • 20% Off Labour and Parts (using our flat rate pricing system rates)
  • Complimentary Small Accessory Check
  • Member Exclusive Promotions
  • Overtime Charge Waived
  • Discounted Furnace Filters
  • Priority Telephone Number

Residential FULL COVERAGE Ultra Savings V.I.P. Membership

Our full coverage plan is more expansive – covering all repair, parts and labour costs.


  • Full Coverage (covers the entire cost of repair, parts, and labour)
  • Priority Service
  • Semi-Annual or Annual Precision Tune-Up and Cleaning
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Discount on Future Equipment Installation
  • Complimentary Small Accessory Check
  • Member Exclusive Promotions
  • Overtime Charge Waived
  • Discounted Furnace Filters
  • Priority Telephone Number

Not sure which plan you should invest in? Give our team a call!

Invest In Reliable Home Comfort With Shipton’s Heating and Cooling

Our goal is always to provide you with comfort, safety and convenience. And our maintenance plans are a testament to that!

Are you ready to invest in total home comfort and 24/7/365 day convenience? Become a V.I.P. Maintenance Plan member!

Contact our office at (289) 203-4616 or visit our Hamilton office for more information.

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