Is a Ductless A/C In Your Future? 8 Features You Need to Know!


Most customers know only two types of air conditioners: the central air conditioner or the window A/C unit. The former is the ideal and the latter is sub-par but better than no A/C at all!

So often, new and existing clients alike are surprised to find out there is now a third type of air conditioner—the ductless A/C! The ductless air conditioner combines the efficiency of a central air conditioning system with the space-saving properties of the window unit…minus any security concerns.

In other words, it represents the next generation of air conditioning technology in many respects. A ductless air conditioner can often go where central units and window units cannot and perform flawlessly in situations that might confound either of the other options.

In this post, we introduce you to the powerful, economical, multi-purpose ductless air conditioner!

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What Is a Ductless Air Conditioner?

Even if you are new to the term “ductless,” you have probably already figured out that this newer type of air conditioning system does not need ducts to work.

Yet the ductless air conditioner can do the same work a central air conditioner is designed to do. How could this be possible?

It’s possible because instead of a single central indoor/outdoor A/C unit that pushes temperature-controlled air out into each room via a series of duct tunnels, a ductless air conditioner uses a series of low-profile, wall-mounted indoor air handlers to generate cooling air inside each room.

Depending on the configuration of your space, there may be a single small outdoor unit that all air handlers are connected to, or there may be several outdoor handlers (this is generally only when each room varies quite a bit in size).

So here are the three basic parts of a ductless air conditioning system:

  • 1 (or several) outdoor condensing unit(s).
  • 1 (or several) indoor air handler unit(s).
  • Zoned thermostat system for you to monitor and control temperature by zone.

What Can a Ductless Air Conditioner Do?

The ductless air conditioner, which is sometimes also called a ductless mini-split (for cooling one room) or a ductless multi-split (for cooling multiple rooms), can do several things very well:

Cool any size of space both affordably and efficiently

A ductless A/C draws less power because it is not trying to cool a whole home or workplace via a duct system. Rather, you can connect a number of different zones and choose how you want to control their operation (by room or through one designated indoor unit).

This gives you maximum cost control over cooling needs, depending on how you use your space.

Continue operating even if one indoor component needs maintenance

One of the most difficult issues with central A/C units is that if the appliance needs maintenance, the entire space is affected equally. But with a ductless A/C system, if one indoor air handler needs maintenance, this will not affect the operation of the other handlers a bit!

Dehumidify as well as cool

Ductless air conditioners offer the option to control indoor humidity even on days when no cooling is needed. This can be especially valuable for older, non-ducted spaces where structural issues allow for a more humid indoor environment than you might like!

Secure your space while also keeping it cool

Window units, which until now have really been the only viable option for cooling a non-ducted indoor space, have some noticeable security risks. For one thing, it can be pretty easy for someone to gain access to your space if all they have to do is pop out the window unit and climb in!

Ductless air conditioners offer no such easy entry; they are every bit as secure as any central A/C system ever has been.

Offer noticeably quiet operation

Often, clients who are new to ductless air conditioners are pleasantly surprised by just how quiet they really are!

Where a window unit A/C might roar ceaselessly while in use, and ducted central air conditioners power on and off with a whoosh and a thunk, the ductless system is sufficiently quiet for use even in highly sensitive environments, such as recording studios, churches and hospitals.

Cool any space, literally

Do you have a sunroom or workshop that isn’t hooked up to your existing duct system? A ductless air conditioner can easily keep this space cool!

Is your space complex with different room sizes and uses on multiple levels? The ductless air conditioner is nimble and quick to install and affordable to operate even in these types of complicated spaces.

Eliminate the maintenance of a duct system

Patching, sealing, insulating and cleaning a duct system requires ongoing maintenance. Over time, ducts can start to sag, leak or collect dust and debris. Neglecting ductwork maintenance can result in decreased indoor air quality and increased operating costs.

One thing new clients love is that a ductless air conditioner can do the same powerful work of a central air conditioner…without all those ducts to maintain.

Heat as well as cool your space

As if all this wasn’t enough, the ductless air conditioner also has a secret superpower—with a little help from a ductless heat pump, it can heat your space as well as cool it!

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