Is Your Filthy Furnace Affecting Your Lungs This Fall? Act Now to Stay Healthy!

CleanAir Solutions Hamilton Offers Quality Furnace Tune-Ups and Repairs.

Appliance maintenance can easily become a full-time job, especially if this is your first time owning your own home.

The list of appliances you are in charge of is long. The time you have is short.

If you are nodding your head right now, changing out your furnace filter is likely down at the bottom of an already lengthy winter preparation to-do list.

This year is different however. This year, COVID-19 exists. This year, we are collectively and individually fighting against the cold and flu season AND coronavirus.

So this year, the state of your furnace filter is urgent – as urgent as keeping your family’s lungs clear and healthy.

Be sure to read to the end of this post for a special high-value offer we think your lungs and your furnace will love!

Recommends for Safe & Effective Fall Furnace Maintenance

Here at Clean Air Solutions Hamilton, we have decades of research and experience to back up the indoor air quality solutions we recommend to you, our valued customers.

Our sister company, Shipton’s Heating & Cooling, has nearly 100 years of HVAC and home appliance expertise.

We share this so you can know what we are about to say is research-backed and eminently trustworthy….

A dirty furnace filter = dirty lungs

This isn’t easy to hear, but luckily it IS easy to fix!

Your Furnace Filter Has One Job to Do: Remove Quarantine Dirt

After years or even decades of benign neglect, suddenly news about furnace filters – and filters in general – are actually making headlines.

This is because a filter is to your furnace what your lungs are to your own body.

Your furnace filter’s one and only job is to keep dust and dirt out of your home or workplace. It does that by trapping the dust and dirt and quarantining it until you come along and clean it or replace it.

Unfortunately, the average furnace filter is far less well-equipped to do its job than are your lungs.

In fact, the majority of the furnace filters our service technicians at CleanAir Solutions Hamilton handle while making their preventative maintenance or repair calls are well past their expiration dates.

They are often nearly black with dust and debris, clogged and basically useless. Some are actively causing harm to both the furnace itself and to the people who own that furnace.

3 Steps to Help Your Furnace Filter Perform Better

If ever there was a year when you would want your furnace filter to deliver its very best work, this would be the year.

In this section we will tell you exactly what to do to make that happen in your home or workplace (or both).

Step 1: Schedule a basic furnace inspection, cleaning and tune-up service.

A dirty furnace filter basically means you have a dirty furnace.

When your furnace filter is no longer able to trap and hold any more dust and debris, all kinds of bad things start to happen.

Airflow gets restricted and energy bills increase. The inner components of your HVAC get dirtier and more debris is pushed back out each time your furnace cycles on. Dirt-covered components and blower motor overheating can lead to a fire.

It can seem hard to believe that a simple furnace inspection, cleaning and tune-up service can take care of all three of these dangers, but happily it can! Does your furnace need a service appointment? Contact our qualified technicians at CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton!

Step 2: Upgrade to the highest MERV filter your system is rated for.

Once you have a squeaky-clean furnace that is operating like a well-oiled machine, the next issue to address is the filter itself.

Are you using the highest MERV filter that your furnace is rated to handle?

If not, make the change. Your furnace filter will last longer between changes (offsetting any cost increase of choosing the upgraded filter) and so will your furnace. Contact our furnace technicians at CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton! We can help you assess your furnace and filter in order to provide you with the best furnace products moving forward

Step 3: Add a standalone HEPA filtration system.

Every day we get calls from our customers asking if it is possible to just put a HEPA filter into their regular furnace.

HEPA, or high efficiency particulate air, is the gold standard in terms of indoor air filtration. Unfortunately, however, these filters are so incredibly dense that only a HEPA-rated furnace can take them.

Only furnace systems rated to take MERV 17 filters or higher can handle HEPA-grade filters. If you put a HEPA filter into a furnace rated MERV 16 or lower, this will send your energy bills skyrocketing. It could also start a fire!

There is a way to add the extra protection of HEPA filtration to your home or workplace though. It is easy and safe.

By adding a standalone HEPA filtration system, you get all the benefits of hospital-grade air filtration with none of the energy cost increase or fire hazards.

Both portable and whole-home HEPA filtration systems are available to work with the type of heating system you currently use.

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This fall, we want to make staying healthy safe and stress-free for you, your family and your workers.

When you enrol in our economical furnace maintenance plan and schedule your first preventative inspection, cleaning and tune-up service, we will inspect and clean or replace your air filter at no charge!

You will also be able to order the duct cleaning package of your choice at a 10 percent discount and take an extra $50 off any whole-home humidifier installation.

Make this winter the healthiest season for you, your family and your workers. Reserve your special savings bundle from CleanAir Solutions Hamilton today!

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