Is Your HVAC Ready for the Big Snooze? This Holiday Season, the Giving Is On Us!

Free Humidifier

Sometimes it is hard to believe that we have been serving the Hamilton and surrounding community for nearly a century!


Our little family-owned business sure has grown over the last 10 decades. As we prepare to wave goodbye to yet another decade and welcome in a fresh new one in 2020, we truly are in the giving mood.

This year, our giving offer is simple: when you purchase any furnace and A/C combo, you get to choose between three high-value free gifts (full details below)!

5 Ways to Tell Your HVAC Is Calling It Quits

Even after nearly 100 years in the HVAC business, we still have never seen two air conditioners or two furnaces fail in precisely the same way.

Like an HVAC fingerprint, each unit invariably has its own unique symphony of warning signs, a product of its past maintenance history, location, workload, ductwork and other attributes.

However, there are certain symptoms and warning signs that tend to be common to all heating and A/C systems. Your units may not throw out all of these symptoms, but you can bet you will recognize some!

1. Strange noises

The sheer range of sounds a failing HVAC system can make never ceases to amaze our technicians!

Knocking, banging, clanging, clacking, hissing, whining, stomping, shrieking, crashing…if it sounds like a whole herd of something wild is trapped in your attic or basement, chances are good your failing HVAC system is the culprit.

2. Inconsistent temperature control

From intense airflow out of some vents and barely any out of others to some rooms feeling too warm while others are always chilly, when your HVAC system output starts to be inconsistent at best, you can bet you are headed for a breakdown.

3. Unpleasant odours

There are times it can be really hard to tell where a strange smell inside your home is coming from! It may wax and wane, sometimes overwhelming your senses while other times making you wonder if your nose is just imagining things.

Often, the telltale odour is described as a mixture of damp grass, dirty socks, wet swimwear, a hint of burning and something else…which is likely your furnace or A/C sending out its own unique fragrance to let you know it needs attention, asap.

4. Increased power bills

When everything else (weather, thermostat setting, use patterns, local energy costs) remain largely the same and yet your heating or cooling bills just keep spiraling skyward, it is definitely time to take a look at overall HVAC operation and efficiency.

Often the increase in power bills is coming from a furnace or air conditioning unit that is having to work a lot harder to do the same job.

5. Continuous random cycling

It is true that here in Canada, we can have days so cold or so hot that it feels like the HVAC will never stop cycling. But these days tend to be the exception rather than the rule.

When your furnace or A/C begins cycling randomly or continuously even in relatively temperate weather, you can be sure that something is amiss either inside or near your components.

How You Save By Upgrading Your Whole HVAC System Together

If purchasing one brand-new HVAC component sounds like a pricey stretch, purchasing both units together might sound darned near impossible.

However, there are significant savings to be reaped when you upgrade your whole HVAC system at once.

Cut your installation cost in half

One of the most significant savings comes right on the front end – installation costs. Regardless of which unit (furnace, A/C) you choose to replace first, your costs include both the unit and installation of that unit.

When you purchase both units together, your costs include both units and a single installation cost for both.

Right here, you have saved anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000.

In addition, you save $150 since you won’t need your annual HVAC maintenance this year.

Cut your power bill by 35 percent

By upgrading your entire heating and cooling system together, you net an increase in energy efficiency of 35 percent – 20 percent for your air conditioner and 15 percent for your furnace.

With Ontarian homeowners reporting average annual heating and cooling costs of around $1,500, you put another $500 back in your pocket the very first year you use your new system.

Pick your extra savings

Each one of the freebie items we are offering this giving season (read on below for more about each) can help you gain extra control over a certain aspect of your home expenses and health.

From avoiding high healthcare costs to keeping your hard-earned cash in your wallet instead of using it to heat or cool an empty house, these extra savings are yours to choose and use as best meets your needs.

’Tis the Season for Free Things

Now and through December 31, 2019, when you purchase any furnace and A/C combo, we invite you to choose your own high-value freebie:

  • Free humidifier
  • Free whole-home ultraviolet purifier
  • Free Sensi WiFi thermostat

Each one of these free items can fix one of the most common problems our customers report.

With your free humidifier, you can save money on energy bills, bolster your defences against cold and flu season, and protect your natural wood and fiber home furnishings.

With your free whole-home UV purifier, you can send gaseous and liquid airborne toxins to where the sun doesn’t shine and purify your indoor air permanently.

With your free Sensi WiFi thermostat, you can trim energy bills and monitor your HVAC use at home and even remotely.

Which freebie will you choose? Click here to claim this limited-time offer!

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