Kick Off Your Fall Season By Saving Up to $1,850 on a NEW Furnace and A/C!

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Who doesn’t love to save money at any time of year? We certainly do! But saving money during the expensive and hectic holiday season—well, that can feel like winning the lottery twice!

Fall is a great time to upgrade your cooling and heating system. Your existing air conditioner has just burned the midnight oil all summer long as it worked hard to keep you cool.

And perhaps you spent last winter wondering if your furnace would make it through yet another winter without a costly repair or full-out breakdown. Rather than stress about it all the way up to the winter that is approaching, it may be wise to just swap it out now and put your mind at ease!

This interim season happens only twice a year, so if you don’t act now, your chance won’t come again until winter has passed and spring is on the horizon!

P.S. Be sure to read all the way through to the end of this post for details on how to reserve your savings!

Also Qualify for A/C and Furnace Upgrade Rebates

When you decide to upgrade your furnace and air conditioning equipment, you are not the only one who benefits.

Ontario offers a selection of valuable incentives to customers who upgrade their cooling and/or heating appliances.

Earn Up to $850 in Rebates for A/C and Furnace Upgrades

This $850 rebate available through Ontario is on top of the $1,850 you will save with Shipton’s when you upgrade your combo A/C and furnace system before December 31, 2018!

$600 rebate

Get a rebate of up to $600 when you install a high-efficiency central air conditioning system that is Energy Star-certified.

$250 rebate

Get a rebate of up to $250 when you install a high-efficiency furnace system with an electronically commutated motor.

Earn Up to $100 in Credits for Upgrade to Smart Thermostat

Enbridge customers who purchase and install a smart thermostat will receive a $100 credit on their next energy bill.

Additional Savings From Upgrading Your A/C and Furnace System Together

If your furnace system is 15 years or older, replacing it with an Energy Star-certified high-efficiency furnace can trim up to 15 percent off of your seasonal heating bills.

If you replace a boiler that is 15 years or older, you can save up to 5 percent on your seasonal heating bills.

By replacing an air conditioning unit or heat pump that is 10 years or older, you can save up to 20 percent on your seasonal cooling costs.

This translates to around a 30 percent savings annually in heating and cooling costs.

What does this look like in actual cost savings? Current estimates suggest that the average Ontario household spends $2,358 in heating and cooling costs annually, or 3.2 percent of household income.

A 30 percent cost savings would be $707, or a reduction to $1,650 in annual heating and cooling costs. What would you do with an extra $707 in your pocket?

As energy costs continue to increase, it is also worth remembering that your annual savings will only increase in kind when you upgrade to a new high-efficiency Energy Star-certified air conditioning and furnace system.

Your Choice of Contractor Also Helps You Save

If you plan to apply for provincially sponsored upgrade incentives, you are required to work with a licensed contractor who will complete the appliance installations and apply for your savings on your behalf.

But you reap more benefits from selecting a provincially approved, licensed contractor than just the chance to cash in on governmental energy incentives.

According to Energy Star, a heating and cooling system that is not installed properly can end up costing you in reduced efficiency of up to 30 percent!

It doesn’t make good sense to invest in high-efficiency Energy Star-certified appliances and then sacrifice all of your potential energy savings with poor installation!

Proper installation includes correct sizing of your appliances for the size of your space, an efficient and effective duct system design, proper installation according to nationwide installation standards and verification of proper installation through the ESVI (Energy Star Verified Installation) program.

You can qualify to receive your ESVI certificate only by working with a licensed and approved contractor who will evaluate your heating and cooling needs, upgrade your ductwork as may be needed, optimize airflow efficiency to minimize leaks and energy waste, add the correct level of refrigerant and properly install your new appliances.

We are delighted to share that Shipton’s Heating and Cooling is a licensed and authorized contractor in the Energy Star program.

This means we have applied for and been granted the required credentials to assist you in all aspects of your air conditioning and furnace upgrade process and apply for government rebates and incentives on your behalf.

Save Up to $1,850 On a Combo A/C and Furnace Upgrade!

From now to October 31, 2018, save up to $1,850 when you decide to upgrade your air conditioner and furnace together as a combo package!

Your exact savings will depend on the makes and models of each component you select.

We will provide you with the serial numbers for each unit for your warranty coverage and issue your rebate in the form of a cheque made out to the purchaser.

Purchase a new combo set for your primary residence and get your rebate. Purchase a second new combo set for your seasonal cottage and get a second rebate! Purchase a third new combo set for your workplace and get a third rebate! (Notice a pattern here? Yup, we do, too!)

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