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Warmer weather has arrived! Within the next couple of months, we’ll probably be getting days in the 20–25 degrees Celsius range—great weather for reopening spring cottages and getting back into the outdoors once again.

But if your air conditioning unit was dishing out an ominous rumble or two before last fall’s temperature dip, you may be one of the few who aren’t so keen to see the heat return!

If this describes you, boy, do we have something to make you look forward to summer. With the purchase of a qualifying furnace and its installation, you can get a FREE air conditioner!

Read on to learn why replacing your air conditioner now, before the summer season returns, is a great idea—and how to get your free air conditioner while supplies last!

Replace Your A/C and Enjoy Up to $3,000 in Savings

One of the coolest (pun totally intended) reasons to replace your air conditioner in the cool season is because you can realize triple the savings you would by waiting until a replacement isn’t optional.

1. Save $150+. You can skip your annual inspection and maintenance checkup.

You just put in a brand-new air conditioner and you know it was installed correctly because you had us do it!

So there is no need to pay for an annual inspection this year!

2. Save $2,500+. That is the cost of the air conditioner you just got for FREE!

Saving $2,500+ always feels great!

3. Save $250+. This is what you can save on your summer utility bills.

Your new 14 SEER air conditioner isn’t just free, but it is also more energy efficient than the unit it just replaced.

Depending on the age and condition of the unit you are replacing, you can expect to save a minimum of $70 to $80 per month on energy to run your new energy-efficient air conditioner!

Thus far, even by giving you just the most general example, you can see how you will save nearly $3,000 right from the start by taking us up on our offer to give you a FREE air conditioner!

What About That Furnace?

But you might be recalling from the introduction here that you also need to purchase installation and a new qualifying furnace unit in order to nab that snazzy free air conditioner we are offering.

We realize this can be a challenging issue to think through if you feel like your furnace still has a few more good working years left in it.

No one wants to give up on a still-working major appliance—and with good reason! HVAC equipment isn’t called a major investment for no reason!

If your furnace seems to be still chomping at the bit to deliver several more years of peak performance, we agree that this offer might not make any sense for you financially.

Here, what we recommend instead is to enroll in one of our highly rated, money-saving maintenance protection plans to keep your current furnace and air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently.

But if your furnace is rounding the corner toward the last third or quarter of its estimated useful life, it can still make sense to go ahead and upgrade both of your units now. After all, offers like this one for a free air conditioner don’t come along every day!

How to Upgrade Your Furnace Ahead of Schedule & Still Save

So let’s take a quick look at a “what if” scenario: What if you did decide to swap out your furnace and your air conditioner now even though one or both units are still working pretty well?

You can still save money in three key ways!

1. Save $150+. You can skip your annual inspection and maintenance checkup.

You just put in a brand-new furnace and you know it was installed correctly because you had us do it!

So there is no need to pay to have your brand-new unit inspected and maintained for safety and repairs this year!

2. Earn $300+. Resell your working unit(s) on the secondhand market.

Even though more homeowners and businesses are choosing to upgrade still-working units to realize the energy efficiency savings (more on that here in a moment), there is still a thriving market for working, gently used air conditioners and heating equipment!

You could conceivably sell your existing unit(s) to fund the up-front costs of purchasing the furnace and installing both units (the furnace and your free air conditioner).

Depending on the age and condition of your unit, you might earn quite a bit more than $300 on your resale—it surely doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research and find out!

3. Save $250+. This is what you can save on your winter utility bills.

Your new furnace can start saving you money on your utility bills right away, since you will still have another month or so of chilly weather to take it out for a spin before spring arrives.

Then, once fall arrives in earnest, with winter on its heels, watch the savings pile up with the newest, most energy-efficient furnace working hard to trim those heating bills!

Here again, you are looking at a minimum of $700 in savings to replace your furnace a bit ahead of schedule, and potentially much more than this depending on the resale value of your existing heating equipment!

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