One More Month of Cold: Will Your Furnace Make It?

Snowman Melting

Every winter, some of our customers get to enjoy the excitement of picking out a brand-new heating system.

For some, the upgrade was expected. They knew their existing heating system was nearing the end of its useful life.

For others, the upgrade came as a surprise—to put it mildly. Their system, perhaps newly inherited as part of a new home purchase or simply long neglected in favor of more pressing home improvement matters, suddenly decided enough was enough and conked out.

If your heating system is new and still under warranty, you probably have nothing to worry about. But if your heater is in mid- or late life or has been acting up a bit lately, you may be wondering if it will make it through this last push of the cold season.

If this describes you, here is what you need to do to support your furnace through this final month of colder weather.

Give Your Furnace Some Overdue DIY TLC

Your furnace has been working hard all winter, cycling on and off to keep your home or workplace warm and comfy despite the weather outside.

Have you been changing your furnace filters monthly?

If this essential safety, air quality and energy efficiency task has slipped your mind, now is a great time to pop a new, clean furnace filter in to finish out the cold season.

Has the safety perimeter of 3 feet around your furnace been breached?

Over the course of the winter season, it’s normal for things to get dusty and dirty in and around your HVAC components. But not only will accumulated dust and dirt make your furnace work harder and lower your indoor air quality, it is also a fire safety risk.

Is your pilot light erratic or a funny color?

If you have a gas furnace with a pilot light rather than an electronic ignition, it is important to keep an eye on the light throughout the winter season. You want to see a clean-burning blue flame in a housing that is free from dust and debris. Any other flame color is a symptom that indicates your furnace needs maintenance and cleaning.

Have you tested your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors lately?

Just in case some unforeseen combustion-related trouble is brewing with your heating system, you want to know that your carbon monoxide detector will catch it and alert you. And you want to be sure your smoke detector and fire extinguishers are standing ready to assist.

Schedule a Spa Day for Your Hard-Working Furnace!

For you, a spa day might mean having a facial, pedicure, massage and maybe a nice soak in the hot tub.

For your furnace, a spa day is just as soothing, rejuvenating and restorative, but the agenda is quite different!

The best spa day for your hard-working furnace is a preventative safety inspection and maintenance service.

Safety first for your furnace and you!

From the wiring to the pilot light, filter to fan, blower motor to burners, your technician will inspect your furnace for any possible brewing safety issues.

Making minor repairs can avoid major maintenance

Minor repairs can include repairing or replacing small parts that have gotten abraded, degraded or stripped; lubricating moving parts for smoother and safer operation; cleaning in and around connections, valves, burners and the ignition or pilot light; and investigating any strange noises you may have heard coming from your furnace.

Operation and thermostat testing verifies energy efficiency

You don’t want to pay more to run your furnace than you absolutely have to. Testing the thermostat will verify that your furnace is running true to temperature as it cycles on and off according to your instructions. An operational test will verify complete and safe combustion and smooth, silent internal operations.

Duct, exhaust, air register and combustion vent checks

One often overlooked but important aspect of proper furnace operation is the air delivery and venting system that is responsible for sending air to all the right places throughout your space.

Are your air registers open and in good working order? What about your exhaust vents: Are they free from obstruction and debris? When was the last time you had your indoor air ducts repaired, sealed, insulated and professionally cleaned?

Many of our customers are surprised by how much energy efficiency is lost through leaking, sagging air ducts, clogged filters, dirty air registers and blocked exhaust vents. This part of the maintenance service shores up your furnace’s support system and also prepares for your transition to air conditioning in the spring!

Need Emergency HVAC Repairs? We Are on the Job 24/7

Nights, weekends and holidays can be some of our busiest service times during the winter. Our popular 24/7 emergency repair service ensures you never have to shiver or sweat it out until the weekday during business hours.

When you call us for emergency repairs, you will get a live operator on the phone who will promptly dispatch a knowledgeable, professional, uniformed and polite service technician to your location immediately.

Our Protection Plans Save You Money

Want to spend less on your annual furnace and air conditioning maintenance AND spend less on repairs and parts? Our tiered protection plans meet your HVAC system where it is in its useful life with money and time-saving benefits.

If you have a new air conditioner or furnace, check out our Residential Energy Savings protection plan at just $8.99 a month.

If you have a midlife HVAC system, take a look at our Residential Advantage Savings protection plan for $18.99 a month.

If your HVAC units are in their golden years, our Residential Ultra Savings protection plan for $24.99 is designed with you in mind.

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