Save $200 or More Per Year on A/C Costs with These Simple Tips

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Here at Shipton’s, we can think of many things to do with a couple of unexpected bills, and we bet you can too! But how about an extra $200 in your pocket right now instead?

We thought now would be the perfect time — while the heat of summer is building to its peak temperatures — to share these cash-saving tips for getting the most cooling for the least green. Enjoy!

P.S. If these tips help you save extra cash, please share your story in the comments section here so we can celebrate your savings with you!

Thermostat Programming for Maximum Efficiency

Perhaps you are standing in front of your A/C thermostat right now, looking at it and thinking, “I’ve already programmed it and I’m still not seeing the savings!”

According to energy-efficiency experts, your A/C unit will deliver more efficient cooling when it is running full-out for short periods of time (sort of like how a sprinter can outrun a marathoner, but only for short spurts).

So go ahead and program your thermostat to switch your A/C unit on and off as needed, rather than setting it to a temperature that will leave it continuously running. Aim for about 25 degrees Celsius or higher at first, then monitor the results and adjust as needed to be sure your A/C unit is switching off and on regularly.

Install a Ceiling Fan or Use a Floor Fan

Ceiling Fan

One of the reasons an A/C unit is so effective at providing a feeling of cooling is the blower action. When the A/C unit switches on, the air begins moving, circulating through the room with a new influx of oxygen-rich, cool air. Suddenly, the stale, stagnant air comes alive and you breathe a sigh of relief. But you don’t have to keep turning down the A/C to get this same benefit if you have a ceiling or floor fan.

It’s also best if you don’t keep the A/C unit’s fan on all the time (auto setting). The actual costs (energy plus wear and tear on your A/C unit) will quickly outpace the potential savings from cycling your A/C unit on and off. Plan on seeing an extra $50 or so on your bottom line when you keep your A/C unit on the fan setting.

This means that in just four months, you will have spent an extra $200, when you can get a good industrial-strength floor fan for a one-time cost of $50 or less.

You can save energy by adding a ceiling or floor fan into the mix to keep the air in the room continuously circulating in between A/C cycles.

NOTE: Always turn the fan off when you leave home, otherwise, you are just burning energy, since the fan can only keep the air moving. It can’t keep it cool while you are away — that is the A/C unit’s job.

Maintain Your A/C Unit for Maximum Efficiency

There is another facet to saving the most on cooling-related A/C bills, and that is keeping your A/C unit well maintained.

A poorly maintained air conditioner is just a cash drain waiting to happen…

Even worse, you could end up at the doctor more frequently when your A/C unit is under-functioning due to lack of maintenance and repairs. Worst-case scenario, you may be exposing your home and family to a safety risk, both in terms of a possible fire and undetected gas emissions.

Schedule a Routine A/C Inspection

Just like getting your teeth cleaned can detect and clean out decay before a major cavity or root infection develops, so too can a routine A/C inspection head off major repairs at the pass.

When we come out to inspect your A/C unit, we will ensure each part is fully functional, well-lubricated and clean. If you opt for our annual or semi-annual Energy Saving Maintenance Agreement plans, we can save you up to 20 percent on repairs and labour.

We will also make sure all dust and debris is removed from your unit, evaluate the condition of your ducts and pipes, recommend sealing or insulation as needed, and offer expert tips on energy savings and future repairs or replacements.

By keeping your A/C unit clean and well maintained, and changing your filters regularly (at least every 30 days), you will enjoy the highest level of energy-efficient operation, the cleanest and freshest indoor air, and the least cash outlay on maintenance and repairs.

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