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4 Compelling Reasons to Clean Your Ducts Before Winter

4 Reasons to Clean Your Ducts Before Winter

1. Dangerous Health Concerns Eliminated

Sorry but the air ducts in your home or business may contain Mould, Mildew, Pollen, Dust, Dust mites, Insects, Rodents, Germs and Bacteria.

It is amazing how quickly mould and mildew can grow during the winter season... View more details about our special offer this month.

2. Home Fire Hazard Potentials

Worst than black mould in your air ducts would be: air ducts catching on fire.

Very often home fires start for entirely preventable reasons and dust and debris trapped inside air duct systems can be one of those reasons. The trapped matter can be extremely flammable so just one spark in the wrong direction and serious problems can occur... View more details about our special offer.

3. Indoor Air Purification

Your air will still only be as clean as what is already trapped inside your air duct system. Customers think a HEPA air filtration system, an ultraviolet air purification system and a heat recovery ventilator will do but the ducts carry the air.

View more details about our special offer this month.

4. Energy Bill Savings!

The average Canadian homeowner spends 61 percent of annual energy use just on heating their home with annual energy costs of around $2,358 per year.

A recent study showed that you can trim as much as 11 percent off your energy bills just by doing light cleaning of your HVAC system and air ducts once annually.

View more details about our special offer.

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