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Get Your Fall Furnace Tune-Up For Less Now!

fall furance tune up special

Furnace maintenance is sort of a dental check-up – you know you need to get it done, but you don’t always want to do it.

Sure, there are plenty of sound health and financial reasons to make that preventative check-up appointment for your furnace now. But you are very busy. Your furnace seems to be working fine.

Of course, the best reason to schedule your fall furnace tune-up is the same as the best reason to visit your family dentist for that check-up – you want to keep things fine!

Your annual furnace safety inspection and maintenance tune-up is the best way to spot small routine problems before they turn into big expensive outages.

Here at Shipton’s, we have been maintaining home and business furnace systems in and around the Hamilton area for nearly a century. We know fall is hectic but we also know furnace maintenance is vital.

So here is a savings incentive to encourage you to book your appointment, save some of your hard-earned cash and get peace of mind all winter!

Why Schedule Your Preventative Furnace Tune-Up

A furnace tune-up is important for many reasons, including saving energy and trimming your winter heating bills.

But the most pressing reason to schedule your annual furnace inspection and maintenance is for home safety.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), poorly maintained and malfunctioning heating equipment is one of the chief causes of home fires each year.

Every year since 2012, nearly 500 people in North America have lost their lives because of home fires due to heating equipment. An average of 1,400 people have sustained injuries for the same reason. Annual property losses total $1 billion.

These are not statistics to gloss over. This is hard data that supports the critical importance of ensuring your heating system is safe to operate before you power it on for the first time this fall.

Your Part to Ensure Home Heating Safety This Winter

We would be remiss if we didn’t share these extra steps you can take to safeguard your family while your heating system is in use this winter.

  • Always keep a clear safety perimeter of at least three feet around any heating element, including space heaters, cookstoves, fireplaces and heating registers and exhaust vents. More than half of all home fire fatalities in winter are due to placing flammable items too close to heating elements.

  • Clean, clean, clean your furnace, space heater, cook stove, fireplace, chimney. Dirty heating systems account for more than one-quarter of all home fires.

  • Be incredibly careful when using space heaters. These small portable heating elements are responsible for 86 percent of winter home fire fatalities.

What to Expect During Your Furnace Inspection and Maintenance

You might be wondering what happens during an annual preventative furnace inspection and tune-up.

This is a great question because each HVAC company does things a little differently. However, all professional inspection and maintenance checkups should include these basic items.

  • Thoroughly clean the outside and inside components.

  • Do a complete visual inspection of the system for wear and tear.

  • Replace worn-out parts, add lubrication, check refrigerant levels.

  • Change (or clean and replace) the air filter.

  • Check and clean the air registers and exhaust vents.

  • Inspect ductwork and make cleaning and repair recommendations as needed.

  • Clean and test the pilot light, burner and/or ignition.

  • Check the fuel lines.

  • Inspect all electrical wiring and connections.

  • Clean and test the blower motor.

  • Clean and test the fan.

  • Inspect and test the heat exchanger.

  • Check and test all safety controls.

  • Do a carbon monoxide levels test.

  • Do a thermostat accuracy test.

  • Do a full-cycle test.

There may be additional inspection or maintenance needed depending on what type of heating system you have, the previous preventative maintenance history and the age of the system.

How Shipton’s Maintenance and Protection Plans Help You Save

Over the decades, we have gotten very skilled at predicting what types of maintenance and repairs HVAC systems will need at different ages and stages of their useful life.

This has helped us develop a tailored, value-added Protection Plan program for systems of all ages.

Today, we offer a three-tiered protection plan that meets your HVAC system where it is. You get a discount on your annual preventative safety inspection and maintenance plus valuable discounts on other services.

Residential Energy Savings Agreement

Brand-new systems may require only a once-annual safety inspection and tune-up such as what we’ve just outlined here.

Our transferable Residential Energy Savings Agreement offers basic preventative maintenance with a built-in 20 percent discount, no overtime charges and an extra $20 worth of rewards annually.

Residential Advantage Savings Agreement

Mid-life systems or systems with a poor maintenance history may need a higher level of care and more frequent tune-ups.

Our transferable Residential Advantage Savings Agreement offers annual preventative maintenance plus a 50 percent discount on diagnostic overtime charges, no charge on repairs of up to $700 for furnace or A/C or $1,400 for full HVAC and an extra $30 worth of rewards annually.

Residential Ultra Savings Agreement

Systems that are late in their useful life cycle may be facing repair of major components or even be inching toward replacement time.

Our transferable Residential Ultra Savings Agreement offers annual preventative maintenance plus no diagnostic/all overtime charges, no charge on repairs of up to $1,000 for furnace or A/C or $2,000 for full HVAC and an extra $50 worth of rewards annually.

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