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Love Free Stuff? Choose Us for Your New Furnace & A/C Combo!

Free with Purchase

We haven’t yet met a customer who loves forking over the big bucks for major home appliance replacement.

But we also have yet to meet a customer who doesn’t love getting free stuff with that kind of big-ticket purchase!

In fact, free stuff is always great, isn’t it? There is no wrong time for an awesome freebie.

And since we know buying a new A/C and furnace combo can be both pricey and particularly stressful, we figure this is also a particularly great time for freebies.

When you choose Shipton’s for your new HVAC system and installation, we will make it worth your while with a choice of four high-value items to maximize your value, absolutely FREE!

Read on to learn more, and how each item will help lower your bills and improve your results.

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