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Love Free Stuff? Choose Us for Your New Furnace & A/C Combo!

free options with purchase of new furnace

We haven’t yet met a customer who loves forking over the big bucks for major home appliance replacement.

But we also have yet to meet a customer who doesn’t love getting free stuff with that kind of big-ticket purchase!

In fact, free stuff is always great, isn’t it? There is no wrong time for an awesome freebie.

And since we know buying a new A/C and furnace combo can be both pricey and particularly stressful, we figure this is also a particularly great time for freebies.

When you choose Shipton’s for your new HVAC system and installation, we will make it worth your while with a choice of four high-value items to maximize your value, absolutely FREE!

Read on to learn more, and how each item will help lower your bills and improve your results.

Save $2,000+ By Replacing A/C and Furnace Together

If this is your first time replacing your air conditioner and furnace, you probably aren’t sure what to expect as far as the total cost.

The cost of the A/C unit and furnace system always depends on these factors: efficiency rating, unit size in BTUs, type (ducted, ductless, heat pump, etc. ) and fuel type.

There are also savings to be had by waiting until the new models come out and then snapping up last year’s models.

However, one factor will always remain the same: you are also going to have to pay for installation.

Here, how much you pay will depend on these factors: system location (accessible/inaccessible), vent or duct upgrades, safety code upgrades and conversions (to a different fuel type).

But what you can count on is that when you buy each appliance separately – A/C and then furnace – whatever you pay for installation has the potential to double.

This is why we recommend buying both components together, especially if both are older units and one is completely tapped out. You will not only reap huge efficiency and energy savings, but you can trim your installation costs by as much as half – a savings of anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000-plus.

4 Other Ways to Save With a Dual A/C and Furnace Upgrade

Right now, when you choose to upgrade both your air conditioner and furnace units together, we will sweeten the value of each by adding in a high-value freebie of your choice: a free duct cleaning, free media air cleaner, free humidifier or free UV light saber.

(If you let your kids pick, they will surely opt for the light saber!)

Let’s take a closer look at each freebie to discover what it can do to boost heating and cooling efficiency, lower your energy bills and improve your family’s health over the life of your new systems.

Free duct cleaning (a $300 annual value)

A professional indoor air duct cleaning gets you as close as you can come to replacing your duct system… without replacing your duct system.

With a free duct cleaning, every particle, drop of liquid, molecule of toxic gas, mould spore… it all gets sucked right out of your ducts. Plus, the full interior of your ducts gets sanitized to make sure no harmful matter of any kind remains.

Our customers frequently tell us they can literally smell the difference in their home’s indoor air after we have completed their indoor air duct cleaning. It is that tangible.

Since most homeowners who choose to upgrade their HVAC units have no idea when their ducts were last cleaned and sanitized, a good default assumption here is that this service has never been done before.

For this reason, there are other benefits to receiving an air duct cleaning aside from ridding your home of lingering odours, allergens and toxins.

An indoor air duct cleaning can also boost your HVAC system’s efficiency because the blower will then use less energy to force air through the ducts.

Cleaning, sealing and insulating ducts can boost your overall HVAC energy savings by up to 20 percent – or an average of $300 per year for the typical Canadian homeowner.

Free media air cleaner

HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtration has been the gold standard of air filtration since World War II. HEPA filters were first used in a laboratory setting to protect scientists from inhaling potentially cancer-causing radioactive particles.

HEPA filters are still being used in laboratories, hospitals and clinics for similar reasons today. But now, residential media air cleaners that use HEPA technology are also available, and they perform just as well.

A HEPA filter will filter out toxic and harmful particulates as small as 1/100th of a single human hair. They can be retrofitted to work with any ducted HVAC system and are much cheaper than purchasing a HEPA-rated HVAC combo!

Free humidifier

Humidity, or lack thereof, can be a significant ongoing battle for Canadian homeowners. Our summers are quite hot and our winters are undeniably freezing cold. So humidity can fluctuate wildly from one season to the next, causing structural and furnishings damage as well as health issues.

Many of our customers have upgraded to whole-home humidification systems not just for their own health but for the health of their wood furnishings and flooring, heirloom instruments and book collections, and the overall structural stability of their home.

Free UV light saber

Ultraviolet light purification harnesses a synthetically made version of the sun’s most powerful light band – UV-C.

Ultraviolet light can zap liquid and gaseous toxins, changing their internal molecular structure so they cannot cause harm. Like HEPA filtration systems, UV light sabers can be retrofitted to work with any central (ducted) system.

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