Tankless Water Heater Installation

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Running out of hot water is one of the most inconvenient complications you can experience as a homeowner. Especially during the middle of winter when all you’re asking for is a hot shower to thaw your toes!

The solution? A tankless hot water heater that provides hot water on demand!

In contrast to a hot water tank, which heats water up in batches and stores it until necessary, a tankless hot water heater heats water up as it is needed - and within an instant!


Benefits Of A Tankless Hot Water Heater

Tankless water heater VS. a tank water heater - which is more energy efficient, cost effective and practical?

A tankless hot water heater brings:

1.    Reduced Monthly Energy Bills

We can name quite a few benefits of installing this piece of HVAC equipment, but one of the most prominent advantages of the system is the incredible energy savings it brings.

How does a tankless water heater work?

This type of hot water heater provides instant heat, rather than a continuous heat - consuming much less energy to operate and giving you a much larger supply of hot water at the same time.

2.     A Lesser Impact On The Environment

Because tankless water heaters are not constantly running, they can effectively reduce your consumption of non-renewable fuel sources.

3.    Cheaper Maintenance

Traditional hot water heaters are not easy to repair. In fact, they normally require an entire unit  replacement, rather than individual part replacements.

A tankless hot water heater offers a much more cost effective maintenance solution. Rather than replacing the entire system at once, you can simply replace individual parts as needed.

4.    Requires Less Space

As the name suggests, a tankless hot water heater does not require a physical tank. Instead of squishing this large, bulky unit into your utility room, you can actually start saving space in your home with a tankless water heater!

5.    Longer Life Expectancy

A tankless hot water heater can actually last up to 5-10 years longer than a traditional tank model!

With durable materials and modern technology designed to provide instant heating, you can depend on a tankless hot water heater for YEARS to come!

6.    You’ll Never Run Out Of Hot Water 

One of the most relieving assets you’ll notice about a tankless hot water heater is that you’ll never run out of hot water.

Traditional water heaters are severely limited in their capacity - easily running out of hot water after 2-3 showers or even a single load of laundry.

Since a tankless water heater relies on instant heating, rather than a storage tank of preheated  water, you’ll have endless hot water at your fingertips!


When Is It Time To Upgrade To A Tankless Hot Water Heater

As we’ve stated above, upgrading to a tankless hot water heater can bring huge relief to your home’s energy usage, your bank account and your hot water needs. But, regardless of the many benefits, deciding whether you need, or don’t need, a tankless hot water heater is really quite a simple decision.
Why? Because tankless water heaters become an almost unavoidable staple of your home if you:

  • Have a large family (2+) 
  • Own a duplex (Two families using the same hot water heating system)

Without a substantial amount of hot water, you'll soon run out of the necessary water for dishes, laundry, baths, showers etc. - not something you want to experience at any time of year, let alone during the cold, winter months.


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