The History of Air Conditioning (Plus a Chance to Win A FREE A/C Unit)!

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Rewind even a hundred years and the only reliable way to get the weather inside your home or office to change would be to wait for the weather outside your home or office to change.

We had wood-burning stoves and fireplaces for heat. We had oscillating floor and ceiling fans and ice blocks for cool.

Then, around the turn of the century, something wonderful happened. A genius inventor named William Carrier invented a contraption called the “air conditioner”, for which we owe him our undying gratitude.

Here in Ontario, Canada, it doesn’t get quite so hot as it does for our friends across the border much further south. Still, every year, more Canadians install air conditioning. Why? Because our planet is warming up, and us along with it!

In this post, learn about the very recent invention of air conditioning and get a chance to WIN A FREE AIR CONDITIONER from your friends here at Shipton’s!

How the Neanderthals May Have Stayed Cool

While there are still many question marks surrounding the life and culture of Neanderthals, an important precursor species to our own, one thing researchers do know is that they knew how to make use of space to stay warm or cool.

For example, every year groups of scientists make the trek to Gibraltar to study a group of caves where one of the last populations of Neanderthals may have lived.

These cave systems are thought to have housed Neanderthal families for more than 100,000 years! What made them so popular? One reason may have been that they are designed to stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

And that would have been a good thing, because air conditioning wouldn’t be invented for another 33,000 or so years!

Early Attempts at Air Conditioning in Ancient Rome

Right around the first to third centuries, a number of cultures were beginning to do very interesting things with water.

Some inventions, such as the aqueduct, were used both to keep water plentiful year-round and to circulate for cooling.

One particularly enterprising third-century emperor named Elagabalus decided it would be a good idea to move mountains (of snow) into his yard to keep his home cool.

It worked. Although there were a lot of very bare mountains that summer.

Fans also surfaced during this time, although they were mostly of the hand-powered variety. Wind towers, architectural positioning based on the sun’s movement and, much later in 1881, an early device that utilized ice water, sheets and a floor fan were all ambitious attempts to keep cool while indoors.

Modern Air Conditioning Is Born – Thank Goodness!

We previously mentioned William Carrier, who is credited with inventing the first modern air conditioner. The device so effectively chilled the air and removed humidity that it kept the New York movie theatre where it was installed booked solid all summer long!

Today, we have air conditioning units of all shapes, sizes and configurations. We have air conditioners for single rooms, small spaces and large spaces. We even have air conditioners that cool by using energy from the air, water and the ground!

Some air conditioners can also provide heat and some can even provide hot water as well.

Some of our modern air conditioners work by sending air through systems of ducts, while others use a system of zones to keep air flowing in multi-room spaces.

Suffice it to say there is an air conditioning system out there to fit almost any shape and size of space and nearly any budget.

Today, You Have Your Choice of Amazing Modern Air Conditioners

Need a little help envisioning your space with a brand new air conditioning unit? Here are the most popular a/c choices we install for our customers every day.

Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners and ductless mini-split HVAC (heating and cooling) systems are becoming ever more popular throughout North America today.

You get all of the conveniences of a central A/C system without having to install (or update old) ductwork inside your space.

Ductless air conditioner systems work by pairing with a zoning system that lets you individually control the temperature in each room by adjusting output to remote units.

It nearly goes without saying that this type of “smart” energy zoning system can also shave potentially hundreds of dollars off your annual energy costs.

Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted (central) air conditioners make use of ductwork systems to send cool air through to each room in your home or workplace.

These units pair seamlessly with central furnace units and a variety of indoor air quality and ventilation appliances.

Heat Pump Air Conditioners

Heat pump air conditioners come in three flavours: air-to-air source, water source and geothermal heat pumps.

Heat pumps have a variety of special features, one of which is the ability to recycle heat energy that would otherwise go unused.

Heat pumps can lower your annual energy costs as well as provide both air conditioning and heating for year-round indoor comfort.

WIN a FREE Air Conditioner – On Us!

Every spring, we launch what has become one of our favourite annual traditions – the search for the oldest working air conditioner in our service area.

When we discover this archeological treasure, we will replace it with a new, free, modern air conditioner – on us!

This contest runs through June 30, 2020, and is designed to get one lucky winner all set up with a brand new, super-cool, ultra-modern A/C unit just as the warm season arrives!

Visit us online to learn all about how to enter this popular annual contest.

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