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Throughout 2020, all we heard about was how much worse coronavirus was going to get this winter in Southern Ontario.

It will be so cold, they said. The air is so dry, they warned us. We will be fighting cold and flu as well as COVID-19, they predicted.

All three of those projections has came true, of course.

After all, winter here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is nearly always cold and dry….and it is always cold and flu season, just like it is in other wintery places throughout North America.

What the powers-that-be spoke about far less is what we can do to lessen our risk of catching the flu, the common cold or the new novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

Luckily, while we don’t have a cure for COVID-19 yet, we do at least know now what works to keep us safer. Indoor air quality!

In this article, Our CleanAir Solutions technicians introduce you to the two TOP indoor air quality solutions that will safeguard your family’s health all winter long.

Keep reading for tips like how duct cleaning works, how to test the air quality in your home or where to find duct cleaning services in Hamilton, Ontario. 

1. Professional indoor air duct cleaning.

Until this last year, the average indoor air duct system didn’t get a lot of love. It usually didn’t even get noticed at all – at least unless all other HVAC troubleshooting options were exhausted.

2020 could reasonably be nicknamed the “year of the air duct”  though!

Why? Because air ducts are central conduits for airborne toxins, including COVID-19 infectious droplets.

If your home or commercial space doesn’t have a ducted HVAC system, rest assured there are still lots of other effective ways you can reduce your risks.

For our customers with duct systems, however, making sure your ducts are cleaned and sanitized is a top preventative strategy for two key reasons.

1. All the other trapped detritus and toxins aren’t doing your already over-stressed lungs any favours.

2. All the other air quality aids in the world will only be as effective as the conduit through which your indoor air regularly travels (that is, your air ducts).

Are you looking for superior air duct cleaning services in the Hamilton, Ontario area? Our technicians at CleanAir Solutions provide air duct cleaning appointments within Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford and surrounding areas. Contact our qualified team of HVAC specialists today to schedule your air duct cleaning!

P.S. We recently devoted a whole blog post to this topic because so many CleanAir Solutions customers were calling with questions about how to limit airborne spread. If you have additional questions, we recommend giving it a read!

2. Indoor air quality testing & regulating.

Even in summer, the typical adult spends over 90% of the typical day indoors. This has been more true over the past year than at any other time in recent memory.

In fact, we really haven’t had many other options when you factor in the continual lockdowns that have kept us sheltering in place for much of 2020 and beyond.

Unfortunately, even before the new novel coronavirus burst upon the scene, we already knew our indoor air can be up to five times more polluted and toxic than our outdoor air.

In parts of Hamilton Ontario, air toxicity is even worse due to high levels of industrial smog, pollution and elevated radon levels (you can read our recent urgent blog post about radon pollution in Hamilton here).

Did you know that many of the toxins that most harm our lungs are colourless and odourless. Even those that do produce odour are often disguised with other common home toxins like so-called commercial air “fresheners” and cleaning products.

It sounds like a cliche, but we live by these words: “you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken”. If you can’t see it or smell it, how will you even know it is there, at least until mysterious health symptoms force you to look further?

Speaking of which, one of the most common reasons our CleanAir Solutions customers ask us to run an indoor air quality test is when a family member has a “mystery” health issue that doctors have failed to properly diagnose and address.

Here is an example: Chronic radon poisoning is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers here in Canada.

Here is another example: Mold and mildew causes vague health symptoms ranging from asthma and rashes to episodes that keep recurring regardless of treatment. 

Perhaps you are worried enough that you want to make some improvements to your indoor air quality at home or at work. Without an indoor air quality test to guide you, however, you won’t know what types of air quality upgrades to invest in.

Our CleanAir Solutions technicians in Hamilton are ready to help with air quality tips and air purifier equipment!

Our silent, inconspicuous indoor air quality test takes 72 hours. Our testing apparatus takes continuous air samples and presents you with a full-colour, multi-page printout of toxin levels along with customized remediation recommendations.

This is why we called this section “air quality testing and regulating.” The first step is testing. Then we can do effective, targeted regulating to keep your indoor air fresh and healthy.

After running your customized, personalized indoor air quality test, you will know exactly what steps to take next.

You will be able to decide right away whether a HEPA air filtration system, a combination media air cleaning system, a heat recovery ventilator, an ultraviolet light purification system, a humidifier (or de-humidifier) or some other combination of ongoing indoor air quality aids will best serve your respiratory and overall health concerns and needs.

Contact CleanAir Solutions for more information on air quality testing and equipment!

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Our safe, contact-less service, invoicing and payment options give you total peace of mind as we work to help you improve your indoor air quality this winter season.

Give our friendly, expert air quality specialists at CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton a call at 1-905-549-2470 or visit us online.

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