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Up until last year, many Canadians believed an air conditioner was optional – a luxury for those who could afford to add one.

Then last year happened. 

While the global pandemic confined us inside our homes, the planet seemed to have tried to bake us alive! With limited public cooling stations and serious safety concerns for those who sought them out, air conditioning suddenly became a priority.

With another intensely hot summer season in our very near forecasted future, this is the right time to make those “cool” plans!

In this post, learn how to spot the warning signs that your air conditioner is about to fail. And if you don’t have reliable air conditioning, find out how you can win a brand new FREE air conditioner – on us!

At Shipton’s Heating and Cooling in Hamilton, Ontario, your safety and comfort is our top priority. That’s why our HVAC technicians focus on providing you with the best air conditioning services in the area!

Installation an Air Conditioner Is a Healthy Summer Choice

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious health concerns that can cause summer fatalities every year. The risk increases for the very young and elderly among us as well.

As climate change continues to produce seasonal temperature extremes, secondary risks like excessive humidity and increased pollen counts contribute their own dangers.

Air conditioning plays a vital role to regulate your indoor environment beyond simple temperature or even humidity control.

Air conditioning is a key component of ventilation, which pulls in fresh healthy air and pushes out stale toxic air containing pollen, mould, mildew, pet dander, dust mites and possibly even SARS-CoV-2 aerosol droplets.

This is why having a well maintained and reliable air conditioner is a necessity this year, even more so than in years past!

Why Replace Your Older Working Air Conditioner?

Many of our existing air conditioning customers have ac units that are in the middle to late years of their useful lifespan.

Energy Star states that the typical air conditioner has a useful life of about 10 years. But if your older air conditioner is still working, why should you replace it?

The major reason is EFFICIENCY.

Energy Star certified new air conditioners can easily deliver up to 20 percent gains in energy efficiency.

What does this mean for you? It means lower monthly energy bills PLUS better cooling performance, humidity balancing and improved ventilation and airflow.

Signs That Your Air Conditioner May Not Survive the Summer

So, what signs should you watch for to predict whether your older air conditioner may not survive the hot summer season to come?

If your air conditioner has at least two out of these five warning signs, give our HVAC technicians a call to request your FREE ESTIMATE for a brand new air conditioner (and read on to learn how to enter to WIN a FREE AC).

1. Escalating Repair Bills

One of the primary signs of an aging air conditioner is an ever-increasing series of repairs.

When your annual preventative HVAC maintenance is no longer sufficient to keep your air conditioner operational during the summer months, it is time to stop calling for an AC repair service technician and start setting some funds aside for a replacement unit.

2. Increasing Energy Bills

When it comes to managing an aging air conditioner, it is important to recognize that moment when your unit starts to require more power to do the same job.

As long as your energy prices and AC usage patterns remain constant, increasing power bills typically mean your air conditioner is drawing more energy just to maintain the same cooling output.

3. Noisy Operation

Today’s new air conditioners come surprisingly close to silent operation.

Unfortunately, older air conditioners are better known for the variety of clanks, bangs, grunts, sighs, screeches and whines that they emit while cycling on and off.

Sometimes, a simple AC tune-up can address some of the noises, such as replacement or lubrication of minor parts and a thorough cleaning. 

Other times, an AC repair isn’t enough and it’s time to start thinking of a whole unit replacement.

4. Uneven Cooling

Uneven cooling typically either relates to an aging or poorly maintained air conditioner, or to clogged, dirty or leaking air ducts.

If you have inherited your older air conditioning unit along with a home purchase, you may have no record of past preventative maintenance (if any) or safety inspections.

In this case, uneven cooling can be one of your first warnings that either your AC or air duct network needs attention.

Shipton’s has a sister company, Clean Air Solutions Hamilton, that provides professional air duct cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing services.

Sometimes cleaning, sealing and insulating your ductwork is all that is needed to restore even cooling throughout your home and avoid having to purchase a new air conditioner.

5. Humidity Problems

Humidity problems are perhaps the number one warning sign of failing air conditioner operation that few homeowners know about.

All too often, customers call us for help with indoor humidity and they think it is completely unrelated to their air conditioner.

Leaking refrigerant, disintegrating wire insulation, unsealed air ducts or a broken or blocked condensate line can also contribute to increasing indoor humidity levels.

While there is some COVID-19 protective benefit to maintaining slightly higher indoor humidity levels, this should be balanced against the threat of mould growth.

WIN A Free Air Conditioner – On Us!

Do you own a truly ancient air conditioner? We want to see it! 

It is a long-standing tradition here at Shipton’s Heating and Cooling in Hamilton to do a summer search for the oldest working air conditioner.

When we find this rare archeological treasure, we will replace it with a FREE air conditioner!

Full contest details are available HERE. And hurry, you only have until the end of this month to enter, so don’t delay!

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