Why A Gas Fireplace May Be For You

Gas Fireplace

While summertime might not seem like a good time to be thinking about fireplaces, it’s a good time to start planning if you’ve been thinking about one.

When it comes to romantic ambiance, there are few things that create it better than a fireplace. Fireplaces also promote coziness, relaxation, and, of course, warmth.

However, traditional fireplaces can cause smoke-filled rooms and soot-covered carpets and furniture that can strip away much of the joy of what was meant to be a romantic, relaxing evening. Thankfully, there is an answer to this problem: a gas fireplace!

According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, about 70% of the hearth products in use today are fuelled by either propane or natural gas. When one considers the advantages of a gas fireplace, it’s not surprising! Some of these advantages are:

  • time does not need to be spent gathering, cutting, and stacking logs;
  • there is no mess from ash or soot;
  • you don’t have to worry about creosote buildup;
  • no time needs to be spent building a fire. Typically, you just need to push a button!
  • decreased risk of starting a fire in the house or carbon monoxide poisoning 
  • gas fireplaces radiate heat and a fan helps effectively circulate warm air;
  • gas fireplaces produce only 1% of the particulate emissions (soot and ash) per MMBTU of heat output (i.e., 28 lbs for a wood fireplace, .28 lbs. for a gas fireplace);
  • gas fireplaces are convenient. They have remote controls, timers that turn off the fireplace should you want to go to bed while they are still heating, blowers and fans to circulate heat, and thermostats to keep the heat production consistent;
  • new ceramic refractory logs, some even handmade and handpainted, that look incredibly realistic, with “knots,” “bark,” and “glowing embers.”
  • vent-free units eliminate the necessity of a traditional chimney.

If you want to enjoy a fireplace that’s convenient, efficient, safe, and clean—and that allows you more time for romance!—then a gas fireplace is for you.

To learn more about gas fireplaces and find out your options (we have gas fireplaces, inserts, and stoves), or to get a gas fireplace installed in your home, visit or contact Shipton’s Heating & Cooling. Our professionals are happy to serve you!

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