Would You Spend $100 to Save $4,000 (or More)?


The average homeowner today reports that the average cost to replace a home heating system is just under $4,000. This includes a cost range of anywhere from $190 to $8,300, depending on the size of your space, the desired efficiency and extra features, and the type of unit you select.

If you had an extra $4,000 or so in your pocket right now, what would you want to spend it on? Just a hunch, but we’re betting it wouldn’t be on a new heating system!

Why do we bring this up?

Because the average cost for a very basic heating system inspection is around $100 for most of our customers.

As we love to tell new customers, there are so many benefits to keeping your heating system inspected and maintained at least on an annual basis (if not more frequently), but one of the biggest benefits is not having to suddenly shell out $4,000 — or anything at all — for a new heating system.

In this post, learn how to put that $100 to work to save you potentially thousands of dollars this winter season on costly heating system repairs or replacements.

Why Service Your Heating System Once a Year?


Most people take their car in at least once a year for servicing, and many go more frequently for oil changes, tune-ups and minor repairs.

As well, you probably see your doctor, dentist, and eye doctor at least annually to make sure there are no problems brewing that could be corrected early on.

You have your lawn mowed, your trees trimmed, and your swimming pool cleaned.

You dust, sweep, vacuum, and scrub your home to keep it clean and hygienic.

You probably even change your home air filters monthly to make sure your indoor air stays fresh.

But what about your air conditioning and heating system? Does it get its annual inspection, check-up, and servicing? Would you say you know for sure whether your heater is a fire risk or a health hazard?

The reasons for having your heating system serviced yearly are compelling yet easy to overlook during the cold season, when life gets hectic.

But knowing for sure that your heating unit won’t start a home fire in winter, which is when more home fires start than at any other time of year, is surely worth the time it takes to call and schedule that all-important maintenance and inspection appointment.

As well, a home heating unit inspection will ensure:

  • your heating system is clean
  • all parts are in good working order
  • any necessary minor repairs to prevent major breakdowns or replacements later
  • cleaned out pipes and vents
  • changed filters
  • a thermostat test to verify accurate heating temperatures (saves on energy costs)
  • recommendations are made to increase efficiency (saves on energy costs)

What if Your Heating System Does Need to Be Replaced?

At some point in the life of every heating system, the day comes when it retires.

There are two main ways this can happen: it can retire itself all of a sudden by ceasing to work (this usually occurs during a long holiday weekend during the coldest days of the year) or it can be retired while it is still somewhat functional, at the option of its owner.

Guess which option will get you a better price on a new heating system? If you guessed the second, you are absolutely correct.

The reason you can get a better price with option two is because you have an open window of time to do your research and shop around for the best deal on the heating system you want. If you have been contemplating changing to a different type of heater, you can also do that research to see what would save you the most on heating and energy use.

You can shop around to find the distributor that offers the best maintenance, warranty protection, and installation package on the unit you want to buy.

Most of all, you won’t have to spend even a single extra uncomfortable second shivering while you wait for your new heater to be installed.

Save Up to $1,000 on a New Furnace Through November 30, 2016!

If you do suspect your heating system may conk out this winter, now is a great time to shop for a new one. Here at Shipton’s Heating & Cooling, we are running an exciting Scratch & Win contest every day through November 30, 2016.

Here is how it works: every customer gets a Scratch & Win card. You just scratch the card to see how much you will save on a purchase of a heater, air conditioning unit, or combination purchase.

Best of all, every single card is a winner!

But you can get these extra savings only for a limited time. We are doing this because we don’t want a single one of our valued customers to find themselves without heat during the long, cold Canadian winter that is about to hit us.

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