Yes, You Can Get Rewards for Having Your HVAC Serviced!

Golden Savings

It seems as if rewards are everywhere these days. You can get them for drinking your favourite beverage, shopping at your local supermarket, even buying gasoline or clothing!

Yet where are the rewards when it comes time for the oh-so-unexciting annual task of having your air conditioner and heating system serviced? Suddenly, all those fun rewards are nowhere to be found!

Well, here at Shipton’s Heating & Cooling we aim to change that with a wonderful program called Shipton’s Bucks. This is part of our Rewards Club program, which adds some much-needed sparkle into your annual HVAC maintenance and inspection service.

Read on to learn more about how to earn Shipton’s Bucks, what our Rewards Club has to offer and some other really fun and valuable savings promotions we are offering this month and all year long!

Ontario HVAC Energy Rebates and Specials

Starting January 1, 2018, Ontario began offering a series of valuable rebates and incentives for choosing to replace an older or no longer efficient air conditioner and/or furnace system with a new energy efficient unit.

These incentives and rebates will be valid until December 31, 2018, so you have plenty of time to hop on board and take advantage of them!

Here is a brief overview of each incentive and rebate:

$250 rebate

Replace your existing furnace unit with a high-efficiency furnace system that features an ECM (electronically commutated motor) and get a $250 rebate post-installation.

$600 rebate

Replace your existing central air conditioner with an Energy Star-certified (18 SEER/13 EER) central air conditioner and get a $600 rebate post-installation.

Up to $5,800 rebate

This rebate is available to both homeowners and commercial businesses. To qualify, install a new electric ASHP (air-source heat pump) with one or more units that are Energy Star-certified or a CEE Tier-1 system and receive up to $5,800 in rebates post-installation.

We can help you to select an appropriate system for the size of your space and your heating/cooling needs. Shipton’s is an Energy Star-certified installation contractor, which will ensure you qualify for the rebate of your choice post-installation.

BONUS: When you opt in to participate in one of these valuable rebates and elect to use Shipton’s to handle your installation needs, you will also automatically earn 5 percent back in Shipton’s Bucks (read on to learn more about this neat value-added program)!

Join Our Shipton’s Rewards Club

The Shipton’s Heating & Cooling Rewards Club is a part of our three-tier Protection Plan program.

Each Protection Plan offers a series of benefits suitable for brand-new, mid-life and older HVAC systems. As a part of the annual benefits of the plan you select, you will receive rewards that can be used on a variety of Shipton’s products and services.

Your Rewards Club rewards perks can be used toward the costs of equipment upgrade plus any eligible Shipton’s parts or products.

$20 Rewards

With our Energy Savings Agreement Protection Plan, which is the perfect choice if you have a newer HVAC system that just needs basic inspections, maintenance and tune-ups annually, you will also receive $20 in Rewards.

$30 Rewards

With our Residential Savings Agreement Protection Plan, which is a great value for systems in the middle of their useful life span that may need occasional service or repairs beyond just basic tune-ups, you will receive $30 in Rewards.

$50 Rewards

With our Ultra Savings Agreement Protection Plan, which is an ideal choice for more complicated HVAC systems and older systems with occasional major repair needs, you will receive an extra $50 in Rewards.

P.S. If you are one of our valued commercial clients, talk to us about your annual HVAC maintenance needs and how we can help you save money on inspections, repairs and tune-ups!

Let’s Talk About Those Shipton’s Rewards Bucks!

From time to time, Shipton’s runs fun and exciting offers and promotions, including giveaways, scratch-and-win contests, discounts, freebies and more.

During these special events, we often offer an even greater incentive to participate in the form of Shipton’s Bucks.

A perfect example is the extra 5 percent in Shipton’s Bucks you can earn now through December 31, 2018, when you upgrade your equipment and opt-in for the Ontario rebates mentioned earlier here.

Did You Know Shipton’s Has an Email List?

Every week, we publish a blog post to tackle tough residential and commercial HVAC questions, update you with news about valuable promotions, contests, rebates and incentives, remind you about annual maintenance and inspection safety checks, and much more.

The best way to make sure you are notified about these extra opportunities to earn valuable Shipton’s bucks is to join our email list!

Scratch and Win Up to $1,000 on Boilers, Furnaces, A/C Units and Combos!

Speaking of special events, did you know that right now you can enter one of our fun scratch-and-win contests to win up to $1,000 savings on a new boiler, furnace, A/C unit or combination purchase?

All you need to do is complete this simple online form to let us know you would like to play!

You won’t find an easier way to save up to $1,000 on equipment you need to purchase anyway, and best of all, it’s fun to save this way!

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