12 Ways to Stay Warm If the Furnace Goes Out


Imagine: it’s a cold winter day, you’ve been out shopping, and you’re eagerly thinking about going home to prop up your feet and enjoy a warm sofa and your favorite show. You open the door and it’s strangely cold inside.

After a quick inspection, you see that your furnace has gone out. When you call to get your furnace running again , you’re told the technician will be tomorrow (pro tip: Shipton’s offers after-hours emergency furnace repair service). So, what can you do to keep warm while you are waiting?

Stay Warm While You Wait

1.) Seal It Off

Pick a room that is small and has most of what you need. Put pillows, blankets, books, and any other entertainment you might want in there. Now, shut all other doors. If there are doorways, use other blankets, sheets, towels, etc. to seal off the room and keep the heat in with you. Be sure you pick a small room with low ceilings to keep the heat from drifting up or away. Family members and pets will all generate body heat and warm the room. Just try to keep Fido and Fifi from fighting.

2.) Have a Dance Party

This works well if you have young children. The more movement generated in the room, the more heat is given off. Be sure to put away breakable things before you jig. If dancing isn’t your thing, try some light exercises to get the blood flowing and the room warm. From yoga to jumping jacks, any movement will work.

3.) Warm Up With Food

cook to keep warm

Bake a pie or cook a stew. The oven and range generate a lot of heat. And the lovely smell of a tasty treat will be sure to warm hearts throughout the home. You can cook and heat at the same time, but using the oven solely as a heater is dangerous and should be avoided.

4.) Put a Rug on It

If your floor is not carpeted, try laying down a rug, non-slipping blanket, or a towel. This can prevent heat from escaping and keep you and your feet warm and toasty.

5.) Shine On

Use your incandescent bulbs to light the room. They generate much more heat than other lights such as compact and LED, which are great for summertime, as they do not give off as much heat.

6.) Keep Your Candles Burning

If you don’t have incandescent bulbs, try candles. The flames can actually produce heat in the room. Of course, never leave them unattended. Candles are also a cheap alternative to purchasing bulbs or space heaters.

7.) Make Some Hot Cocoa

hot drinks help warm you up

Have a nice warm drink to relax your mind and warm your body. Any of your favorite fall drinks will do. You can make a cup of coffee or tea or sip some nice, warm broth.

8.) Dress the Part

Make sure you put on some warm socks. Keep a fitted underlayer of clothes on and an insulating outer layer. Tights and leggings and of course long underwear are great options for underlayers. Wear a hat, a scarf, your slippers, and a jacket.

9.) Find a Snuggle Buddy

Put in a movie and light some candles while you and your loved one or your pet snuggle under a thick blanket. Nothing is warmer than some together time.

10.) Electrical Devices Help

Now is the time to pull out all of those space heaters, heating pads, and heated blankets. They provide great sources for heat in small spaces. Don’t leave the space heater unattended and don’t fall asleep on the electric pads and blankets. That is dangerous.

11.) Make a Heating Pad

heating pad

If you don’t have electrical heating devices, use a hot water bottle or warm wrapped brick in place of a heating pad. Be careful to wrap the bottle or brick carefully to keep from injuring yourself.

12.) Use Your Windows

Use a thick, transparent shower curtain to hang over windows if it’s sunny out. The transparent sheet allows warm rays to come in, and the thick material keeps the cold from the windows at bay.


There are many fun and creative ways to keep your space warm while your furnace is out. Make sure your family members plan with you for what to do if there is a furnace outage. If everyone does their part, keeping your home warm can be easy to accomplish. Assign specific tasks for each family member and turn it into a family fun night with games and stories.

While furnace outages can be made to be fun, they can also be costly. Try to avoid future furnace outages by preparing for winter. Be sure that your furnace is serviced regularly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—and the furnace repair bill.

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