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A fireplace is a stylistic centerpiece, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your indoor or outdoor space while providing a conducive environment for socialization and relaxation. Whether you are considering upgrading an old HVAC or installing a new fireplace, there are several factors you need to consider to ensure you choose the best product that meets your personal preferences and needs.

At Shipton’s Heating & Cooling Ltd, we leverage extensive industry equipment and knowledge to help you choose a suitable and efficient fireplace for your winter heating needs. If your fireplace doesn’t meet your heating needs, you may hire a professional HVAC contractor in Lincoln. Here are factors to consider when choosing the ideal fireplace for your home this winter.


Many market fireplaces vary in size and performance, allowing you to choose the best appliance. Many homeowners usually choose large units because of the enhanced visibility, but it is essential that your HVAC in Lincoln becomes more of an accessory than a piece that stands out. When choosing an ideal fireplace, the smaller, the better. However, if you want a wood-burning fireplace, the smaller, the better. The size of your unit determines the capacity, hence the need to consult a professional before making up your mind.


The primary purpose of a fireplace mantle is to catch soot, smoke, and ash as it rises above your fireplace. Today, mantles are the fireplace’s main design element, even if they don’t provide this function. Fireplace mantels come in various materials, such as stone, wood, and metal. Working with a trusted HVAC service in Lincoln allows you to leverage the expertise and experience of their contractors to ensure you choose the right system.

We work with you to ensure the mantel you choose aligns with the selected materials for the rest of your home. It is advisable to consider the size of the mantel and how it impacts the overall size of your fireplace, ensuring you choose a mantel that is proportional to your fireplace of choice.

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hvac lincoln


When choosing a fireplace for your Lincoln home, you must consider the fuel type. The most common fuel types include gas and wood, and we can help you determine which type is ideal for your needs. If you opt for a wood furnace, you’ll have to add fuel to continually keep the furnace running efficiently. You must also schedule regular cleaning to address the leftover debris after combustion.

However, little maintenance is required to keep the system running at optimal capacity if you have a gas-fueled furnace. While this is a viable reason to choose gas furnace systems, it is costly to install if you need a pre-installed gas line. These critical factors help you select a suitable unit to keep your living spaces conducive this winter.

Contact us at Shipton’s Heating & Cooling Ltd to learn more about essential factors when choosing the ideal fireplace for your home. Enjoy exceptional furnace services at friendly rates, including installation, repairs, replacement, and maintenance.

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