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Hamilton Ductless AC

Why Choose a Ductless Air Conditioning in Hamilton? 

Is the next big thing a ductless air conditioning? Hamilton residents interested in conserving space while improving home comfort seem to think so. For many, ductless units provide the optimal blend of highly personalized heating and cooling while saving money. 

Ductless units not only save space but are cheaper to install. Split-level systems feature smaller components that require less room. Unlike a central indoor unit, you choose the areas where you need the cooling or heating function the most. 

Instead of a central unit controlling the temperature throughout the whole home, you can concentrate on the spaces you use. So, instead of wasting money cooling the attic, you can save it by merely cooling the living areas. 

Ductless systems are better for smaller areas, so they offer an excellent alternative in a cramped space. You will typically need more than one unit, depending on the size of your house. We recommend speaking to one of our trained technicians for the best advice on how many units to install and where to put them. 

With proper ductless air conditioning, Hamilton property owners are hard-pressed to know the difference between the two systems. Both systems are energy-efficient and deliver good indoor air quality. 

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Ductless Design

Contact our team today to find out whether a ductless system is viable for your property. Our technicians will inspect your home to establish your heating and cooling needs. They will look at your property’s every aspect to recommend the best possible option for your needs. 

Our technicians will look at ways to incorporate the small units into the space. Our creative design team can ensure optimal placement for desired aesthetics and results. 

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The Benefits of Ductless Designs

The cost-saving benefits of ductless systems extend beyond the initial purchase. You control the airflow from each unit and can improve efficiency in certain rooms by closing doors. You can save on energy costs if you exclude rooms you seldom use. 

Also, by closing off sections of the home, you can better concentrate the cool air. As a result, you can run the system at a slightly higher temperature, spending less on electricity. 

Ductless systems are far easier to maintain because you do not have an entire venting system to consider. As a result, they are easier to keep clean and easier to repair. 

Furthermore, installing ducts may detract from the charm if you have a historic home. You may need to interfere with period features like tin ceilings. Ductless air conditioning in Hamilton is one way around this roadblock. 

Even if you’re living in a modern home, installing ductwork after building can prove troublesome. You suddenly have to find space to install a network of vents with few ways of disguising them. 

Ductless models are also among the most energy-efficient. Add in the convenience of programming the system per zone, and you have a winner. Relatedly, ductless designs tend to operate more quietly than their ducted cousins. 

Also, perhaps you don’t find the summers in Hamilton particularly warm. They are fairly mild, but the humidity levels are still high enough to cause discomfort. Ductless models control humidity whether you engage the cooling function or not. 

Finally, mounting the unit out of the way is another major benefit. The fact that the unit does not need to connect directly to the outside is vital for the building’s security. 

Why Choose Shipton’s Heating & Cooling Ltd? 

Are you looking for a contractor with: 

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If you are, you’re in the right place. For nearly 100 years, Shipton’s Heating & Cooling Ltd has serviced Hamilton and the surrounding area. Over that time, we’ve built our sterling reputation by always striving to deliver the best. 

As our clients, you deserve nothing less. So, we never take our position as an industry leader lightly. We are fully licensed and ensure that our technicians update their knowledge and training regularly. 

We work with leading manufacturers to upskill our technicians and get you the best possible deals. Our bulk buying power allows us to secure prices you would not believe. 

However, the reason that we have stayed in business all this time rests on one factor: we accept nothing but the best. Whether that standard applies to our technicians or suppliers, we never compromise. We don’t expect you to, either.

We work to the highest quality standards to ensure that you’re proud to recommend our services in the future. We know that gaining your word-of-mouth recommendation is the best marketing tool at our disposal. 

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