4 Easy Heating Maintenance Tips To Prep Your HVAC System For Fall


It’s official – fall arrived yesterday! This means it’s high time to get your furnace prepped and ready for the cold season ahead.

Whether you’re new to homeownership or just need an annual refresher, this is a great place to start! Our Hamilton furnace experts dive into The 4 easy heating maintenance tips you can do on your own.

These tasks are simple but vital. And each makes a huge difference in your furnace’s performance, safety and efficiency.

Ready to start preparing for the chilly season ahead? While we’re not here to give you directions to the closest pumpkin patch, we can help you create that cozy call environment in your home.

Let’s get started!

Check and Change The Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter is technically a very small component of your furnace system. However, if neglected, a clogged filter can become the demise of both your furnace and indoor air quality.

Here’s why:

Furnace filters protect your furnace, your home and your family. In short, they prevent the circulation of dust, pet hair, flammable debris,  harmful air pollutants etc.

If your furnace filter becomes dirty, it can mean two things:

  1. Air can no longer pass through the filter efficiently. This slows down your heating system, lowers its efficiency and can even damage the furnace. It can also mean higher heating bills and frequent furnace repair visits.
  2. Your indoor air can no longer remove the dust, dander, bacteria and other debris circulating your indoor air. This poor air quality can cause many respiratory difficulties – putting yourself and your family’s health at risk.

These risks are why our Hamilton furnace experts recommend checking your filter every 30 days. And replacing your furnace filter at least every 90 days – depending on your lifestyle. 

5 Signs Your Air Filter Needs Changing:

  • The filter shows discolouration.
  • Your furnace makes strange noises.
  • There’s a burning smell in your home.
  • Your home is dustier.
  • Your energy bills have increased.
  • You’re experiencing more allergies and headaches.

If you notice any of these filter warning signs, or if it’s been more than 90 days since you last changed your filter, we recommend replacing it immediately.

Vacuum The Furnace

Heating maintenance isn’t always complicated or expensive. In fact, you can do most of the cleaning yourself with the equipment you already have on hand!

Like using a vacuum to clean out your furnace!

This one might sound a little strange, but we promise it’s completely normal – and necessary.

As mentioned above, dust can pile up fast in specific components of your furnace – like your filters. And the effects of this accumulation can be quite costly.

So while checking your furnace filter for signs of dust and debris, don’t forget to look in your furnace cabinet too!

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1.

Always turn off your electrical power and fuel supply to clean your furnace with a vacuum cleaner. This prevents the furnace from turning on while you’re cleaning it out.

Step 2.

Remove the combustion chamber door and start vacuuming out any dust and debris. Remember to pick up anything that could become a fire hazard as well.

Clear Around Your Furnace

Once you’ve cleaned INSIDE your furnace, the next step is to clean AROUND it.

If you’re like most homeowners, your furnace room has become a multifunctional space – a wood room, office, gym, laundry room, storage room etc.

So along with your furnace equipment, you probably have quite a few more things cluttering your furnace area. And many of these items can become hazardous to your home, safety and health.

When clearing your furnace area, be sure to remove:

  • Flammable items (i.e. laundry, gasoline)
  • Hazardous chemicals (i.e. paint, cleaning products)
  • Unnecessary clutter (i.e. workout gear, children’s toys)

Test Your Furnace

Now that you’ve cleaned your furnace equipment, in and out, it’s time to take your heating system for a test run!

As your furnace runs, stay on the lookout for:

  • Unpleasant furnace smells
  • Strange furnace noises
  • Discoloured pilot light
  • Ineffective heating
  • Cold spots in your home
  • Poor airflow
  • Malfunctioning blower motor

Note: See our blog post on furnace warning signs for more information on what to look for during your DIY furnace test!

See, smell or hear something amiss? It might mean you need to schedule professional heating maintenance.

Book Professional Fall Heating Maintenance With our Hamilton Furnace Crew!

We’re less than 48 hours into the fall season. And already we’ve received many phone calls from worried homeowners.

Is their furnace good for another season?

Does their furnace need replacing?

Do they need a furnace repair visit before the cold hits?

Thankfully, the cold of the season hasn’t yet arrived, and you have some time to get things in order!

Our Hamilton furnace experts at Shipton’s Heating and Cooling can ensure your heating system is 100% ready for the season ahead!

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Contact Shipton’s Heating and Cooling For All Your Fall Furnace Prep!

Your furnace is the only barrier between you and the cold outdoors. And it has to be reliable.

Nobody wants to make that dreaded no-heat call in the middle of a frigid night. 

And with winter just around the corner, those below-zero nights are well on their way!

That’s why getting your furnace warmed up and ready for the season ahead is imperative. Proper heating maintenance means your furnace functions at peak efficiency and performance – keeping your home safe and cozy all season long. 

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