6 Trustworthy Tips on Choosing an HVAC Service Company

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When your furnace or air conditioner suddenly conks out, that is not the time you want to be doing a lot of research to find a reputable HVAC contractor! You just want the problem fixed, and quickly.

Also, finding a qualified technician to perform HVAC cleaning, inspections, maintenance, and light repairs can help ensure you never end up shivering or sweltering while you wait for help to arrive.

In this post, we share our favorite tips on what to look for in an HVAC contractor.

Six Trustworthy Tips on How to Choose Your HVAC Contractor

We hope these tips will help you find the perfect fit for your needs, and we would be honoured if you gave us the chance to earn your business!

Tip 1: Find out how long the HVAC company has been in business

New businesses open their doors every day in Canada. Many startup companies have the potential to be successful, but according to StartUp Canada, less than half of all new companies will still be in business five years after their launch date.

So at a minimum, you want to be sure any contractor you do business with has at least five years of solid working history in your local area under their belt. You don’t want to hire a contractor to do a job only to find out they are later unavailable to fix problems or maintain the equipment they installed for you.

Tip 2: Read customer reviews and press about the HVAC company

Thanks to the internet, it is very easy to find out what past and current customers think about the services they received from practically any company today. You don’t have to just rely on the testimonials or endorsements you see on a contractor’s website.

You can do an internet search on the company name and find out if there are any big problems or complaints. You can also visit their social media pages (such as Facebook or Twitter) to see whether comments and complaints posted there are being responded to and resolved by company representatives.

By doing your own research into a company’s customer reviews and press, you can feel more confident about the company you choose to do business with.

Tip 3: Make sure all HVAC technicians are trained, licensed, and insured

You should always check to make sure that the HVAC contractor requires all technicians to be trained, licensed, and insured.

You should also look for customer service guarantees to ensure you have recourse if for some reason the service is unsatisfactory.

As well, steer clear of any company that does not provide a business address or phone number, asks for payment prior to performing service, or refuses to provide references to past clients.

Tip 4: Look for a satisfaction guarantee on all work performed

Any HVAC company that operates without a satisfaction guarantee is not worth your time or cash.

The company you choose should have a clearly posted policy that details how any issues or complaints will be resolved.

As an example, here at Shipton’s, we have a clearly posted Customer Trust Guarantee:

  • One Year Buy-It-Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy with any aspect of a newly installed HVAC product, Shipton’s will adjust your fee or buy it back and remove the equipment.
  • Customer Respect Guarantee. Shipton’s technicians will be prompt, courteous, neat, and refrain from using tobacco products or swearing.
  • $500 No Frustration Guarantee. If a newly installed system (performed by Shipton’s) breaks down within one year and Shipton’s technicians cannot fix the issue within 48 hours, we will give you $500.
  • Property Protection Guarantee. Shipton’s technicians will protect and safeguard your property in all aspects while serving your HVAC needs. Any repairs or damage will be promptly remedied.

Tip 5: Compare quotes to make sure the quote you get is fair

When you are selecting an HVAC contractor and all else seems equal between two contractors, you can always use price quotes to make your final decision.

Here, be sure that for any price quotes you are comparing, the company has actually taken the time to come to your premises in person and give you the most accurate, detailed quote (general over the phone quotes don’t count here because things can change once the technician arrives at your site).

From here, you can compare price quotes and choose the company that offers you the most affordable option for your service needs.

Tip 6: Check out the company with the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB as it is often nicknamed, is the gold standard for Canadian businesses that are serious about their reputation for high-quality customer service. It is optional for a company to register with the BBB, and the process for gaining BBB accreditation is not easy.

So any HVAC contractor that has voluntarily gone through the accreditation process AND has maintained an “A” or higher rating is worth your time and consideration.

NOTE: Shipton’s Heating & Cooling and our sister company, Clean Air Solutions, each maintains an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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